screw you guys, i'm doin' a new post

I got tired of adding stuff to today's previous post, so I've started a new one.

So there. Hey, get off my back.

MP3 The New Pornographers - "Twin Cinema"
First off, donewaiting came up huge with the heads up on Matador's posting of the title track & cover art for the forthcoming New Pornographers' record, Twin Cinema. It's what you'd expect from Canada's leading indie power-pop supergroup, though it could use some more Neko. More to come on 8/23.

R.I.P. The 'Bu. At long last, the dudes' much beloved Channel 101 series is dead - but it went out with a bang. Can't wait for Awesometown!

Also, R.I.P. Adult Swim's Sealab 2021. Heads up via bradley's almanac.

I haven't been paying close attention of late, as I totally overlooked the formerly embattled & always excellent blog Moistworks getting a major redesign/reorganization last week. Well done, gentlemen. I likey-likey.

Last nite, the beta version of MNspeak (a sort of mpls-ist) was launched by local bloggers Chuck Blogumentary & Rex Fimoculous. Norwegianity & East Lake were right on top of this yesterday, but I didn't stumble across it until late this afternoon, when my webstats tracked back to the site's local blog aggregator. I'll explore it when I have more time, but it looks cool so far.

I'm not gonna make it to that Gogol Bordello show. Not ka-blamo.

the only way to go is underground

Gogol Bordello. Tonite @ the Fine Line. Can you say ka-blamo?

While it's hard to pass up the Animal Collective gig at the Triple Rock (or the Electric Six/VHS or Beta double-bill at First Ave), I can't resist the NYC-based gypsy punks, who put on my favorite show of 2004 at the 7th Street Entry last May. While I've got a lot of sh** to do right now (understatement), it's pretty damn hard to see how I can justify missing this show.

MP3 Gogol Bordello - "Through the Roof 'n' Underground"
Here's a quieter side of Gogol Bordello, which begins with wily frontman Eugene Hutz strumming his guitar & singing about immigrant peculiarities & other such nonsense. The rest of the band joins in on the fun, but it's a more laid back, folk-like affair. From 2002's Multi Kontra Culti vs. Irony LP.

MP3 Gogol Bordello - "Mala Vida"
Now this is the wilder side of Gogol Bordello. This Manu Chao cover (produced by Steve Albini) captures just a smidgen of the balls-out energy & decadence of a GB live show, which is damn near guaranteed to leave you breathless after some serious dancing & jumping around. This song is off the recently released East Infection EP, which I posted about last month.

Update: On second thought, I may not end up going. Jeez, this is a toughie.

Those pesky liberal elites out in Princeton, NJ are up to some good. Josh Marshall tipped me off to a student protest by Campus Progress. They have been holding their own filibuster for over two days now at the Frist Campus Center (yup, that Frist) to fight back against the Senate majority leader's "nuclear option" to eliminate the filibuster. You can see what's going on with this live webcam & you can read some more about it at the Princeton Progressive Review, who has sort of been live-blogging the protest.

Our highly unpopular president will be interrupting our pleasant O.C. viewing this evening, so he can yap on about whatever (perhaps his recent man-date). This will be his first nationally televised press conference since last April's debacle, and it will undoubtably be Must-Cringe-TV. Oy.

ETA: CBS & Fox are sticking w/their primetime line-ups. Smart move.

Think Progress will be live-blogging, debunking Dubya's lies & more lies.

Some people don't think much of President Bush (via the Majority Report).

New New Porn! Pitchfork has the details on Twin Cinema, out August 23rd. Hooray!! BTW: This is worksafe, in case you were unsure about clicking.

And for those of you out there who enjoyed Tuesday's Sufjan Stevens track, another song from the forthcoming Illinois LP leads off the latest Pop77 mix, which has been lovingly assembled as-per-usual. Check it out, whydontya.

ETA: Sean Said The Gramophone, Scott Stereogum & Jen Daily Refill all have more songs from & enthusiastic applause for Illinois. Buzzzzzz...

it's not you, it's the anxiety talking

John Darnielle to your left, Sufjan Stevens to your right. I have nothing clever to say.

With my immediate living situation (etc) still unclear, I had myself a nice freak-out/borderline anxiety attack Monday morning. Delightful. Hopefully I'll be able to work through it to take some small-yet-important steps this week. While the shrink upped my meds, I'm not optimistic it will help.

MP3 The Mountain Goats - "This Year"
Today brings the release of The Sunset Tree, the latest offering from the Mountain Goats and the follow-up to 2004's We Shall All Be Healed LP. With quality production work from John Vanderslice, the new disc may sport a cleaner sound than many devotees of the typically lo-fi Goats are used to, but since I'm not a purist, I don't mind it at all. The Sunset Tree spins many autobiographical tales of acclaimed songwriter John Darnielle, including this song's clear reference to his abusive stepfather. Given my own frustrating internal struggle to deal with all my self-inflicted nonsense, I am drawn to the defiant & bold-yet-ironic chorus of "I am gonna make it through this year, if it kills me." I suppose it's a rallying cry of sorts. I hope I make it.

MP3 Sufjan Stevens - "Chicago"
This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but was delayed a bit when Keith TTIKTDA beat me to the punch with a track from the forthcoming (and now leaked) Sufjan Stevens album Illinois, which will drop on July 5th according to Pitchfork. Illinois is the second entry in the Brooklyn-based Sufjan's 50 States project, which began with the 2003 tribute to his homestate, Greetings From Michigan: The Great Lakes State. While the album does have its dark moments ("John Wayne Gacy, Jr" duh), Illinois gets a livelier treatment, of which the best example is the joyous "Come On! Feel the Illinoise!" that I nearly posted, which is a far cry from the sparsely arranged & hushed tones of last year's more spiritual Seven Swans LP. While "The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts" stands out due its almost jarring introduction of heavy guitars, I chose to go with this track, whose opening (for whatever reason) makes me feel as if I'm driving into the city on the Loop, as I have many times when roadtripping down to see my buddy Marc. Sufjan's lyrics about impermanence ("all things go") and repeated refrain of "I made a lot of mistakes" also seem kinda fitting (and maybe even a little comforting) for my current state-of-mind/predicament.

I'll leave you with a small collage of pix from my recent trip to Naples, FL, where my dad, my brother Alan & I stayed at my folks' place for a long weekend. Al & I watched the season finale of Arrested Development while we were there, and that's him trying to mimic G.O.B.'s chicken dance. My dad likes his long walks on the beach & doesn't watch much television.

why is this nite so effing different?

Am I annoyed that I'll be missing Saturday's M83/Ulrich Schnauss show at the Triple Rock because of Passover? After reading Frank Chromewaves' glowing review, what do you think? Aren't I just Mr. Sunshine-Happiness?

MP3 Bloc Party - "Pioneers (M83 remix)"
Since this seemed to go over so well with the Ultragrrrl crowd & the original post has now fallen off the front page, here's a repost of the M83 remix of Bloc Party's "Pioneers" from the Japanese version of the Silent Alarm LP.

iFilm has M83 videos for "Don't Save Us From The Flames" & "Run Into Flowers," and there are a couple others available over at their label, Gooom.

Apologies for the lack of anything new. I've had little to blog about of late & I've been plagued by CPU woes. Maybe I'll post some Naples pix eventually.

omg these people are f**king crazy

This sh** is getting out of control.

Americablog : Daily Kos : Talking Points : Majority Report : New Patriot

MP3 Radiohead - "I Am Citizen Insane"
An instrumental ditty from Radiohead's 2004 b-sides Com Lag EP.

ETA: Some lunatic put an insane woman on the cover of Time magazine. I strongly encourage everybody to cancel their subscriptions (via Daily Kos).

it's like a bad day that never ends

Before I get to whining, here's some pure goodness to cleanse yr palette.

MP3 The Hold Steady - "Your Little Hoodrat Friend"
Here's a track (previously linked to/reviewed by Pitchfork last week) from the forthcoming Separation Sunday LP (out May 3rd) from Brooklyn-by-way-of-Mpls indie rockers The Hold Steady, courtesy of French Kiss. Above (right) is the poster I picked up when I saw the band last month, now available from Aesthetic Apparatus. Brooklyn Vegan has pix from their recent NYC gig at the Bowery Ballroom, and you can find more Hold Steady photos at Kathryn Yu's (thankyouthankyouthankyou) Flickr gallery.

CAVEAT: Here comes yet another pathetic pity party by yours truly, which I seem to be holding at an ever increasing frequency. You've been warned.

So this past Monday nite, Phoenix headlined a triple-bill at the Fine Line with Dogs Die in Hot Cars & Joy Zipper (who I have blogged about before). Sounds like a can't-miss show, right? But was I in attendance? Nope. Was it sold out, like the Decemberists/Okkervil River show at the same venue two nites earlier? Nah. Did I just have to stay home for the latest episode of 24? Not really. So what did I do? I stayed home, watched said episode of 24, listened to Patton Oswalt on Monday's edition of the Majority Report, and spent the rest of the nite generally being miserable.

BTW: Oswalt was on Carson Daly last nite (heads up via goldenfiddle) along with fellow comedian David Cross, who coincidentally co-hosted last nite's Majority Report with Sam Seder (since Janeane is shooting a pilot in LA). To no one's suprise, Cross' disdain for Daly was not all that thinly veiled.

My general lack of enthusiasm also kept me from roadtripping down to Chicago for the aforementioned midwestern RANA event, which normally I would never-never miss. Other recent musical frustrations include my mistakenly thinking the upcoming Out Hud gig at the Triple Rock was in May, when it is actually this weekend (I will be out of town), and a bone-headed error on my part that completely f**ked up my iTunes library of 25K+ songs, forcing me to reorganize from scratch (goodbye playlists).

But all of this is besides the point, which I suppose I should get around to:

MP3 The Deadly Snakes - "I Want To Die"
Relax, folks. I don't so much "want to die" as much as I just seem to have little interest in life. Yeah, I've been depressed on-and-off for over four years now (holy crap), but it's getting to the point where I'm having serious trouble enjoying much of anything, which may somewhat explain why my posting frequency on this blog has been so erratic of late. I've found myself taking off entire weeks at a time, despite having loads of presumably free time that I spend doing very very little. I've mooched off my folks for far too long (nearly three years), and they're rightfully giving me the boot at the end of the month. You would think that the looming threat of homelessness would jumpstart my survival instincts, kick my ass out the door toward work & shelter, but alas I'm still the same dumbass feeling sorry for myself, getting nothing done, amounting to jack-sh** or somewhere thereabouts.

I wish-wish-wish I had the intense enthusiasm that Toronto's The Deadly Snakes exude in this raucous track, from the band's befittingly-titled 2003 LP Ode To Joy. I sought out this album after Pitchfork granted it "best new music" status in fall '03 & was happily impressed with its balls-out rock peppered with "garage, early punk, roots/bluegrass, Stax soul, & Southern gospel," and it wound up on my best-of list at year's end. "I Want To Die" has always stuck out as a favorite for me, perhaps due to its call-and-response breakdown toward the end of the song that knocks everything out of its path, or maybe it's the level of excitement it generates while vocalist Andre Ethier yelps out lyrics about not "wanting to see a thing anymore" or "go out on Friday nite." Despite my shortcomings, in the past I have been able to muster up plenty of earnest passion about things that intrigue me, or that I care about, so I suppose I connect with the song's stark contrast between its downcast words & foot-stomping music.

MP3 K-Os - "Man I Used To Be"
So why am I so darn pitiful, and who cares anyway? Well, unfortunately for me I truly cannot stand myself. Do I have an okay sense of humor? I guess. Do I decent taste in music, movies, etc? Depends who you're asking, but I suppose I do care about aesthetics to some extent (I went to school for it, so I had better). But other than those measly attributes, I can't say I'm proud of much else that has to do with me, and that extreme low self-esteem & lack of self-confidence combines with nagging anxiety that has always plagued me to make for a surefire recipe for success (add your own sarcasm). Whatever, this is all just the same bullsh** that various shrinks have had to endure over the years, so I'll try to avoid being redundant & spare you as much tediousness as possible (yet I keep writing).

When I'm struggling like this, I get into nasty habits. Phone calls go unreturned. E-mails fail to garner responses. My semi-irrational, pervasive disdain for myself leads to this solitary anti-lifestyle, also known as being an "a**hole." Even my friends' company can become discomforting, with my suckiness inevitably (and selfishly) reflecting off their not-suckiness. As you can imagine, this all can make me an unpleasant individual to be around.

I used to be able to better manage my depressive tendencies. I used to be responsible. I used to be dependable. I used to trust my own abilities. I used to have some ambition. I used to have more enthusiasm. I used to be a lot of things (or at least I think I was), but now I'm disgusted with the guy I've become after four years of basically wasting my life. And none of this means a damn thing. None of this complaining or self-abuse gets me anywhere.

This track, from Toronto-based MC K-Os, has been in my head for quite a while now - for obvious reasons, but it's also a great friggin' song. From last year's Joyful Rebellion album, "Man I Used To Be" has a groovy rhythm & a catchy-ass chorus supporting thoughtful lyrics about self-examination, regret & the nature of existence (sorta). I certainly feel the sentiment behind "I just wanna get back to me," though I know that my desire to do so is likley an exercise in pure vanity. I appreciate the acoustic interlude after the song, which tacks on an extra layer of authenticity & feeling IMO.

MOV K-Os - "Man I Used To Be" video (24.2mb)
MOV K-Os - "Superstarr Pt. 0" video (29.2mb)
MOV K-Os - "Heaven Only Knows" video (25.2mb)
MOV K-Os - "Crabbucket" video (24.3mb)
MOV Buck 65 - "4-6-3" video (24.5mb)

Director Micah Meisner has directed several music videos for K-Os (courtesy Revolver Films), as well as one for fellow Canadian hip-hop artist Buck 65.

MP3 Phoenix - "If I Ever Feel Better"
So anyway, I've been toying with the idea of ending this blog, or possibly putting it on hiatus. Or maybe somebody else could take it over in my absence. I dunno. I'm already posting at a scattershot pace, and I barely have the will to do so as it is. I'll likely need to focus my energies elsewhere in the near future & I don't know if I'll be able to keep up The Big Ticket for much longer. Heck, internet access may be an issue, with a potential lack thereof (if I'm living in my car, or something) becoming a major obstacle. I haven't made up my mind yet, but soon it may be made up for me.

And now I come back to Phoenix (not the city), whose local show I just couldn't drag myself out to earlier this week (check out their in-studio session at The Current). This track is from the French pop band's 2000 release United, and also appeared on Erlend Øye's much-lauded DJ Kicks mix, and was also posted way back when at the now tragically defunct gabbaPad. Much like the previous songs, its upbeat disco groove is juxtaposed with melancholy lyrics, many of which hit home for me:
Feels like I've been buried yet I'm still alive
It's like a bad day that never ends
I feel the chaos around me
A thing I don't try to deny
I'd better learn to accept that
There are things in my life that I can't control


But I'm feeding the enemy
I'm in league with the foe
Blame me for what's happening
I can't try, I can't try, I can't try...
No one knows the hard times I went through
If happiness came I missed the call


Someday all this mess will make me laugh
I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait...

Of course, all my so-called "suffering" is totally self-inflicted - I am my own worst enemy, just like the cliché says. I can only hope that I will somehow, someway get my sh** together & come out on the other side for the better, but from my vantage point it's very difficult to see how that outcome will come to fruition. And the clock is ticking, always ticking. But I'm trying not to think about that right now, since I have to get to packing ASAP. I'm going down to Naples, FL (oh, poor me) with my dad & my brother Alan for a long weekend, during which I will hopefully find a way to settle my nerves & unwind a little. I may do a post or two while I'm down there, but I kinda doubt it - especially since I'm considering shutting down this whole operation altogether. Again, I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Anyway, sorry to be so gloomy. I know that's not why anybody bothers to stop by this site. I also don't think I expressed myself very well, but then again I'm in a rush. However it's still my blog, so you'll have to indulge me.

I'll leave you with an encouraging image: David Cross @ Air America.

here are your marching orders

RANA. Chicago. Tonic Room. Two sets. 10pm. Tonite. $5. Go. Say hi for me.

4/12/05 setlist (courtesy Josh Stoner):
soundcheck: Funk Jam > Bye Bye Love, I'm Comin' Correct

I: Birthday Boy, So Long Edgewood, Swingin', Good Book, For Some Time, Sad & Lonesome > I'm Not Orfeo, Anton, I'm Comin' Correct, Loves It Automatic, I Waste It, Girl U Want, Tampa in the Rain

II: Replacements, Charm Bracelet, Waiting To Fall In, Baby's in a Bad Way, Silver Not Gold > Ring In The Sand, Thank You For Sending Me An Angel > Baby's Got A New Bike > My One Dear Son > We Will Not Be Lovers, Not So Mopso, Sweethearts, Whenever You Can, Skin & Bone, Buy Sell or Break, Carbombed Again, Backstabing World, Eggo > Carson Daly, It's So Hard

Can't believe I missed that. I suck.

ETA (4/13/05): Hiya Ultragrrrl fanboys & grrls! Thanks for the link, Sarah.

catching up with the brain drain

I'll get around to more personal matters later, but for now I wanna catch up on recent television, borrowing from my pal Angie for the post title above.

First off is television's best comedy, Arrested Development. Sunday nite, the second season's (but hopefully not the series') penultimate episode aired & was hilarious, featuring guest spots from Zach Braff & Dick Van Patten, along with return appearances by Judy Greer, Jeff Garlin, and briefly (no pun intended) Dave Attell. Braff played the director of Girls With Low Self-Esteem, a Girls Gone Wild-like video series that was also featured during the show's first season. Possibly the biggest laughs of the show came courtesy of Ron Howard, who narrated his ass off. After cutting back its order from 22 to 18 episodes, Fox has still shamefully not renewed the Emmy-winning AD for a third season. While normally I wouldn't condone signing such a thing, I will refer you to a Fox-sponsored site that allows you to pledge a loyalty oath to the ratings-challenged, yet critcally-acclaimed show. As per usual, everything you need to know about AD is available over at The O.P.

I think Zach Braff's regular series Scrubs ends its fourth season on Tuesday (4/12), though NBC hasn't been promoting it as such. Even if the network may be neglecting it, Scrubs is still one of my favorites. Sarah Chalke is just so adorable, it only makes me more envious of those Awesometown dudes.

ETA: I was wrong. There will be at least one more episode (airing 4/26).

Back to Arrested Development for a sec, as stars Jason Bateman & Jeffrey Tambor both appeared on the most recent episode of IFC's entertaining (and addictive) Dinner For Five, which aired over the weekend. Even though Jon Favreau's other dinner guests were Bonnie Hunt & Tracy Morgan, the highly comedic table's conversation was far more serious than the group's that ate with Favreau on the show's fourth season premiere a couple weeks back. That episode, which featured writer David Milch and actors Timothy Olyphant, Jay Mohr & Michael Rapaport, was actually a lot of laughs in comparison (Olyphant does a terrific Vince Vaughn-bullsh** imitation). While stumbling through the IFC website, I noticed that the cable network has set up its own blog with lots of interesting daily film-related links.

Speaking of Dinner For Five, the latest Heavy compilation includes a bonus dvd promoting the show's new season, including two full episodes (including the aforementioned premiere). For the sake of a few mp3's, here are a few "legal" downloadable tracks that also appear on the Sumosonic 37 cd:

MP3 The Decemberists - "The Engie Driver"
MP3 Killola - "Sound of You"
MP3 Supersystem - "Born into the World"

bonus MOV Supersystem - "Born into the World" video (15.1mb)

Supersystem files courtesy of Touch & Go, Decemberists mp3 courtesy of Kill Rock Stars & Insound, & Killola mp3 courtesy of the band's website.

I have been meaning to comment on The West Wing, which ended its sixth season last week. I'm way late, but thankfully Chromewaves was much more timely with his analysis. While the four time Emmy-winning political drama still lacks the conversational rhythm & general pep of its Sorkin years, executive producer John Wells was able to inject some excitement back into the series by basically skipping a year in order to jump into an election cycle. After odd developments like Allison Janney's unlikely rise from press secretary to chief-of-staff (Emmys=promotion), the drama shifted away from character somewhat into more of a racehorse scenario to see who would succeed Martin Sheen as president. Jimmy Smits was effectively introduced as the new upstart candidate, whose campaign would be run by West Wing mainstay Bradley Whitford. Unfortunately, this pitted Whitford's character against the sorely underused Josh Malina, whose character has suffered severely under Wells' regime. Of course, only in this bizarro world could a moderate republican like Alan Alda's likeable senator win his party's nomination, but I have to admit that I don't know which way Wells will swing this fall's fictional election - and I'm damn curious to find out. The (also unlikely) reveal of John Spencer's former chief-of-staff as Smits' running mate at the end of the finale was another interesting turn that promises to keep me watching, even if the show isn't what it used to be.

Jon Stewart's utterly essential The Daily Show won its second prestigious Peabody award last week for its brilliant election year coverage. As reported by TV Shows on DVD, June 28th will bring the first dvd release for the Comedy Central hit, a three disc set featuring highlights from Indecision 2004, including episodes from the RNC & DNC weeks, the election nite special, and more. Also taking home a Peabody was the first season of Deadwood, which I did a crash course in last week. I am finally caught up enough with HBO's foul-mouth western to appreciate the new season.

Lastly, despite a likeable cast, ABC's new medical drama Grey's Anatomy is just plain crap IMO. And of course, it's also getting good ratings. Go figure.

That's about it for now. Well, that rambled all over the place, didn't it?

where did he go? where did he go?

Sorry for the lack of posting of late. I'll try to explain shortly...

In the meantime, check out my friend Jessi Wohl's new art website.

let's not bring ink & paper into this

Letting y'all know right off the bat - I don't play that April Fools bullsh**.

When someone tries to hand me out a flyer, it's kinda like they're saying, "Here, you throw this away."

Scene Point Blank was the first to point me to the sad-sad-sad news that Minnesota-native comedian Mitch Hedberg was found dead on Wednesday. Howard Stern reported the news yesterday morning, with Defamer & MTV following up with reports of their own later in the day. Local papers the Star Tribune & the Pioneer Press have offered obituaries, and, Matt Dentler & Music For Robots each provide their thoughts on the loss as well.

MP3 Mitch Hedberg - "Race Car Passenger"
MP3 Mitch Hedberg - "Traffic Lights & Bananas"
MP3 Mitch Hedberg - "Monster Magnet & Jelly Beans"
MP3 Mitch Hedberg - "Pancakes"
MP3 Mitch Hedberg - "Donut"
MP3 Mitch Hedberg - "Fire Exit"
MP3 Mitch Hedberg - "Dufrenes"
MP3 Mitch Hedberg - "Waterfalls"
MP3 Mitch Hedberg - "Wine & Winos"
MP3 Mitch Hedberg - "Movie Pot"

I first saw Mitch on his Comedy Central half-hour special a few years back & really took a liking to him. His odd, stoner-yet-likeable delivery & random, almost stream-of-consciousness jokes grew on me quickly, and I found myself watching his special quite a bit & recommending it to others. Mitch's unique style was a change of pace from most stand-ups, and I became a genuine fan. It is extremely disheartening to hear that he has passed on, and my best wishes go out to his family & friends. The above comedy clips come from his two cd's, 1999's Strategic Grill Locations and 2003's Mitch All Together, which includes the aforementioned special on a bonus DVD. Check out ... (dot dot dot) for more Mitch links & a list of his best quotes.

ETA: Mitch's Comedy Central Presents special will air tonite @ 9pm ET.

ETA (5/11/05): Slate delivers a belated Mitch piece by Sam Anderson (via).

MP3 Bunky - "Funny Like The Moon"
After failing to track it down last week, I have finally been able to listen to Born To Be A Motorcycle, the new album from San Diego boy-girl duo Bunky (that's Bunny + Monkey, btw). Emily Joyce & Rafter Roberts' weird blend of noise-punk, art-pop, and crooning balladry has been previously blogged about by the likes of Fluxblog, *sixeyes & Stereogum, so I'm not covering any new territory here. But in honor of Mitch Hedberg's passing, I thought this sentimental-one-minute, frantic-the-next tune would make for an unusual-yet-fitting tribute to such an original talent. Rest in peace, Mitch.

Sufjan Stevens' label Asthmatic Kitty has more information on Bunky, whose website also offers the following three songs for legal download:

MP3 Bunky - "BaBa"
MP3 Bunky - "Yes/No"
MP3 Bunky - "Chuy"

ETA (4/5/05): MOV Bunky - "BaBa" video (13.8mb)

Robert Smigel & Triumph pal around w/Sam & Janeane on last nite's Majority Report.

As I mentioned before, yesterday was Air America's first anniversary, and there was back-patting & congrats all around amidst the usual shock & awe at the right wing's hipocrisy. Al Franken broadcasted live to a boisterous audience at NYC's Museum of Television & Radio, and Unfiltered did its final show (Jerry Springer takes over Rachel Maddow & Chuck D's timeslot today). Last nite I watched the HBO doc, which provided an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the network's start-up & early struggles. And finally, comedian & Arrested Development "never-nude" David Cross joins Marc Riley & Marc Maron on today's Morning Sedition. As per usual, archived AAR podcasts are available for download from Air America Place.

ETA: Marc Maron lamented Mitch Hedberg's death at the top of his show.

Speaking of Arrested Development, Fox is airing back-to-back episodes of tv's best comedy tonite at 9pm ET, in case you're like me & have no life.

Sin City opens today. What else are you doing with your weekend?