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I only stumbled upon the news of Nick Kilroy's death by accident late last nite, while checking in on his GabbaPod blog after not having done so in a while. Beyond my huge appreciation for GabbaPod, I didn't know the KIN Records founder, who was instrumental in the success of Canada's Junior Boys. He was apparently a regular fixture over at I Love Music, where they are mourning & reflecting on his loss. Pitchfork has a tribute to Nick up today, and many have been chipping in their thoughts as well, including this poignant piece by Philip Sherburne. Check out Nick's photography here.

FWIW, I'd like to offer my condolances to his family & friends.

MP3 Junior Boys - "Last Exit"
I debated whether or not to include a song, but decided to go ahead & do so. This title track from Junior Boys' Last Exit LP is an obvious choice, but I'm going with it anyway. I thought about posting "Great Release" by LCD Soundsystem, which was recently featured on GabbaPod & also seemed appropriate, but I think I've already contributed enough to the LCD hype.

Rest in peace, Nick.
| i never ever stopped wonderin' »
| the only man i can trust right now »
| i got a bad religion and a forty-five »
| dance dance dance to the radio »
| all the furniture is in the garage-uh »
| neither much worse nor much better »
| i'm gonna whittle you into kindlin' »
| yr paranoid heartbreaking beats-suh »
| mp3 bloggers: we got served? »

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