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Howdy, y'all. My apologies for yet another quiet week here on the blog. I just haven't had much that I thought was worth mentioning, or that wasn't covered far better elsewhere. I do have a few random Friday tidbits, starting with some musical selections that appeared on recent episodes of The O.C.:

MP3 Olympic Hopefuls - "Let's Go!"
This track, from locally-hyped indie pop-rockers Olympic Hopefuls, played after the first commerical break of last week's episode (w/Modest Mouse). I had been meaning to pick up their disc for a little while, and JRDN was nice enough to loan me his copy last weekend. I still need to listen some more to The Fuses Refuse to Burn, the debut LP available through 2024 Records, but I'll get around to it. You can find O.C. music listings at the Weekly Mix.

MP3 Joy Zipper - "Baby You Should Know"
My ears perked up early in last nite's episode at the sound of this lovely Joy Zipper song, which I posted before way back in May of last year. "Baby You Should Know" appears on the duo's sophomore album American Whip, which is finally getting a stateside release on February 22 from dangerbird records (it seems like I bought the UK import from Other Music forever ago). This track barely missed inclusion on Mix '04, so I'm happy to repost it. FYI: Bolt also has the full music rundown & links taboot from last nite's O.C.

I just recently stumbled upon Neon Bubble's (of Web Nymph fame) amusing breakdown of Road House, the Swayze-iest of all Swayze flicks.

Singer/activist/cute-as-a-button Nellie McKay appeared on last nite's Majority Report on Air America, which featured actor Justin Theroux guest hosting w/Janeane Garofalo. Nellie talked a lot about animal rights. Those of you who were watching The O.C. (or who actually have a life) can download a mp3 of the show from the Air America Place audio archive.

BTW: I didn't mean to diss on all O.C. viewers just then, many of whom, if not most, surely have fascinating & fulfilling lives. Unlike me right now.

The Killers are on this weekend's SNL, but I don't really care. I can't watch that show, though I'm tempted to for host Topher Grace. Probably not.

Lastly, if I were wearing a hat, I would tip it to great sites like Fluxblog, Chromewaves, Stereogum & Brooklyn Vegan (who has been kicking serious ass of late), who always manage to find interesting or amusing stuff to write about or post every single day. I just can't keep up that kind of pace, and I truly admire those bloggers who are able to do so. Kudos all around.

Enjoy your weekends, folks. It's friggin' cold here in Mpls, btw. Brrr.

ETA: "Great Release", the blissed-out Eno-esque album closer from LCD Soundsystem's upcoming debut LP, is up over at gabbaPod. FWIW, it was also playing on my iPod when I f**ked up my car last week. So be careful.

Also check out the fancy new re-design over at Womenfolk. Oh so pretty.
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Blogger Rob @ 1/14/2005 02:53:00 PM:

i have to admit, i was impressed that matt pond pa was/is going to be played on the show. i've liked them for a while.    

Blogger nooshie @ 1/14/2005 06:24:00 PM:

Once I get over the anger at the OC for making my stripey polo shirts and taste in music, I might be able to be happy that it's exposing people to good music that they wouldn't otherwise hear. But for now I'm cranky.

(That having been said, that Olympic Hopefuls song is great and is going straight onto my "handclaps mixtape". But, listening to it I realise it could be by almost 10 other bands that I listen to. I can now see why my friends have trouble keeping up with the bands I like... they do tend to make fairly similar music)    

Blogger Devid @ 12/23/2008 03:08:00 AM:

I love the OC show.season 4 is really a great season.I like Ryan in this Show.My Brother search for Free download the OC episodes.we downloaded this show and really enjoyed the show.    

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