bless you, loggins!

Yacht Rock #8. Squaddly-dee.

MP3 Self - "What a Fool Believes"
Self's toy instrument cover of the Loggins/McDonald/Doobies smooth classic, as previously featured on Stereogum, from 2001's Gizmodgery.

My apologies for being so absent. I'll get my sh** together eventually.

as-per-usual, still a work-in-progress

MP3 Scott Metzger - "Birthday Boy"
Today marks The Big Ticket's second blog birthday, for which I really wanted to have BigTix02 ready. But alas, I'm not happy with it as of this posting & need some additional time to work on it some more. It's a bittersweet occasion for me (if anything blog-related can be described as such), as I've struggled to keep this site current (I still have pix I've been meaning to post since October '05) & its posts frequent (not so much). I can only keep trying to improve my performance, and I appreciate anybody who's actually been patient enough to keep stopping by periodically. Anyhoo, here's an apropos Ween cover from RANA guitarist Scott "Boots" Metzger, recorded for Rockslide at NYC's now-defunct Tribeca Rock Club in January '04.

"...and we'll see you tomorrow night!"

Thanks for the memories, Kirby.