morning in america (whew)

Despite this morning's wankerism from DCCC chair Rahm Emmanuel, another four years with a Republican govenor & the prospect of turncoat Joe Lieberman becoming the Senate's swing vote (oy vey, indeed), yesterday was a good one for Democrats & IMO America. Of course, as Happy might say, "We've only just begun." Glenn Greenwald has a couple great morning-after posts worth perusing, but I really only need two words to put a smile on my face today: Chairman Conyers.

Go for it, Johnny.

M4P Lily Allen - "Smile (radio edit)" - free download via iTunes (this week only)

To keep your Wednesday shining oh-so-bright, a baby with an outrageously infectious laugh (via Ehrensenf via Rocketboom), Borat w/Colmes (who needs Hannity?), and an odd happy dance mash-up (via Headphone Sex):

And perhaps the President had a different kinda morning...

BTW: I meant to actually get this post up in the "morning" but oh well...

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olbermann on today's election

Vote 411 : Election Protection 365 : Veek the Vote : Video the Vote

Olbermann provides one more special comment before today's mid-term election, video via of Crooks & Liars course. As I mentioned before, Keith joined in on last week's FDL Book Salon, in which he mentioned a possible future book of special comments & even former ambassador/Bushworld pariah Joe Wilson joined in on the conversation. It's a little messy, but worth a look. And do that voting thing, btw.

MP3 Pavement - "Rattled By The Rush"
MP3 Pavement - "Heckler Spray/In the Mouth of a Desert" (4.21.94)
On your way back from voting today, go pick up the new Pavement re-issue, Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels Edition. MP3's courtesy of Matador.

Let's throw the bums out. Haven't we all had enough?

ETA: Track tonite's results online at Talking Points Memo's Election Central.

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M4A BigTix06 [128 kbps / 75.6mb / running time: 79:56 min]

Los Campesinos! - "You! Me! Dancing!"
Tap Tap - 100,000 Thoughts (MP3)
Swan Lake - "All Fires" (MP3)
Oxford Collapse - "He'll Paint While We Play"
The Thermals - "Here's Your Future"
Sam Champion - "Be Mine Everyone (demo)"
Fields - "Heretic" (MP3 via MySpace)
The Mountain Goats - "Woke Up New" (MP3 via Insound / YouTube)
El Perro Del Mar - "Here Comes That Feeling"
Oh No! Oh My! - "Farewell To All My Friends"
Peter Bjorn & John (f/Victoria Bergsman) - "Young Folks"
Ben Kweller - "Penny on the Train Track"
The Shins - "Australia"
The Blow - "Pardon Me"
New Young Pony Club - "Ice Cream" (MP3 via Modular)
Jeffrey & Jack Lewis - "Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror" (MP3 via MySpace)
The Hold Steady - "Party Pit"
Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - "Our Hell"
Christopher Willits - "Colors Shifting" (MP3 via Pitchfork)
The Decemberists - "Sons & Daughters"

I started this mix in early September & just finally got around to finishing it lately. Can you tell? Anyhoo, further linkage & wordage to come shortly...

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olbermann on apologizing

Part One

Part Two

Once again, Countdown's Keith Olbermann is right on target with his latest special comment, regarding Senator John Kerry's recent botched attempt at humor & the media firestorm that has blown it all out of proportion. John Amato's Crooks & Liars has the video as-per-usual, just as it did last week for Keith's previous special comment, on the GOP's advertising terrorism during this campaign season. KO fans might want to check in Sunday (or is it Friday?) for week two of Firedoglake's Book Salon, where the MSNBC anchor will be joining in to discuss his book The Worst Person in the World (based on the regular Countdown segment).

And on Tuesday, be sure to vote. Need a reason? Read Matt Taibbi.

MP3 Hüsker Dü - "I Apologize"
From local legends Hüsker Dü's 1985 album New Day Rising.

MP3 Gram Rabbit - "Sorry"
From Gram Rabbit's latest release, Cultivation.

MP3 Billy Bragg & Wilco - "Christ For President"
From 1998's Billy Bragg/Wilco collaboration, Mermaid Avenue (Vol 1).

BTW: Didya know Billy Bragg has a blog? And doncha just love alliteration?

Before yesterday's statement of apology to any military personnel or their families that might have misundterstood the Senator's comments (after being amplified & distorted through the right wing noise machine), Kerry gave a gutsy, more in-your-face response to the media on Tuesday that actually made me proud to have voted for the man in 2004. In case you missed it:

On an actual humorous note, zefrank chastised Kerry yesterday for botching such an easy joke, and possibly calls him somebody a "stupid chicken" in the process. Or something like that. It made sense when I watched it, anyway.

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