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Yacht Rock #9. Watch it for Smooth Jesus. And Van-f**kin'-Halen!


M4A BigTix03 [128 kbps / 75.6mb / running time: 79:55 min]

Mike Gunther & His Restless Souls - "Every Night (Every Bastard)"
Margot & The Nuclear So & So's - "Skeleton Key"
Lily Allen - "LDN"
Cold War Kids - "The Soloist in the Living Room" (MP3)
The Walkmen - "Emma, Get Me A Lemon"
The Grates - "Lies Are Much More Fun"
Pretty Girls Make Graves - "Parade"
Amy Milan - "Skinny Boy"
The Boy Least Likely To - "Rock Upon a Porch With You"
Gil Mantera's Party Dream - "Bunz Therapy"
Grizzly Bear - "Don't Ask (Final Fantasy remix)"
The Mountain Goats - "Sometimes I Still Feel The Bruise"
Sonic Youth - "Turquoise Boy"
Chromatics - "Nite (12" version)"
Cansei de Ser Sexy - "Let's Make Love & Listen To Death From Above"
Christopher & Raphael Just (f/Fox 'n Wolf) - "Popper"
Kimya Dawson - "Loose Lips"
Pas/Cal - "Summer is Almost Here"
The Pipettes - "Pull Shapes"
Voxtrot - "Fast Asleep"
The Elected - "Biggest Star"

More of the usual linkage etc to come (gimme a break, I've been up all nite)...

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so...notice anything different?

For anybody who is still paying attention 'round these parts, take a gander at The Big Ticket, version 3.0. In its current state, it's simply a modified version of the widely-used Kubrick template, originally designed for WordPress & here (of course) ported to work with Blogger (can't afford to actually host these shenanigans myself, donchaknow). There will undoubtably many more tweaks & edits to come (perhaps a new banner, ehMouk?), including some possible incorporation of some/lots of elements from the next generation Kubrick design, K2, which also has a ported-to-Blogger template available (which I initially overlooked, doh). I also had to move some of my graphics from my .Mac account, as I'm getting bandwidth warnings yet again & will have to find a more permanent solution (oy vey, the re-linking!).

Anyway, enough tech talk, right? Feedback is wonderful as-per-usual, even though this re-design is not fully complete (is it ever?), and ideas/suggestions are always welcomed. Stay tuned for the next installment of the BigTix mix series, and hopefully more blogging in general from yours truly as I continue to remodel...

ETA: Oh yeah, I also decided to ditch the whole dual comments "system" (if you can call it that), at least for now anyhow. So long, Haloscan.