what a great looking crop of people

MP3 OK Go - "Oh Lately It's So Quiet"
Just dropping in briefly to explain the lack of blog activity since New Year's. Things are crazy, what with a rapidly approaching drop deadline on a video project shoving everything aside for at least another week. I should be back to on the blog once things calm down a little (and maybe I can get some real sleep). This track is from Chicago indie pop outfit OK Go, off last year's Oh No LP, and my reasons for posting it should be pretty damn obvious.

MP3 Incredibad (aka The Lonely Island) - "Everybody Dance!"
Perhaps it's because of my heightened stress level, but I've been playing this exhuberant Lonely Island track a lot recently. I suppose it helps lighten the mood & shake out the sillys when sh** gets too frustrating. In case you missed it since I last mentioned it, the whole "Lazy Sunday" phenomenon has spawned media coverage from the NY Times, NY Daily News, Village Voice & Slate to name a few (via Chez), not to mention a favorable review from Sasha Frere-Jones & its own line of friggin' t-shirts. And yet, for some reason, I'm even more addicted to TLI's Bing Bong Brothers video from fall '05. What makes it so hypnotic - the moustaches or the snapping?

MP3 Bing Bong Brothers - "Wait (You Guys)" (NSFW?)
M4V Bing Bong Brothers - "Wait (You Guys)" (NSFW?)

BTW: My thanks for the shout out from Sean @ STG, whose not-so-recent site redesign has been both fitting content-wise & easy on the eyes taboot.

ETA: Hot damn! Ardy was on Letterman (1/12)! Now that's ka-blamo!