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MP4 Yacht Rock #10

Yacht Rock cancelled. Shocked. Stunned. And I was so looking forward to the much-teased "Danger Zone" episode (like everyone else). Nonetheless, It was a nice run. Kudos to JD Ryznar, Hunter Stair, Lane Farnham & the rest of the YR cast & crew for a fabulous show. Oh yeah, and don't forget Hollywood Steve.

The burgeoning media empire that is Stereogum was on the case early this morning with a quick post about the sad news, and folks are lamenting the show's demise over at the 101 Forum & across the blogosphere.

Here's a few cheese Loggins/McDonald tracks that seemed appropriate today:

MP3 Kenny Loggins - "Meet Me Half Way"
MP3 Michael McDonald - "No Lookin' Back"
MP3 Loggins & McDonald - "What A Fool Believes (live)"

From the albums Back To Avalon (or the Over The Top soundtrack), No Lookin' Back & Outside: From The Redwoods respectively.

Yacht Rock Angel & Devil, In Color, originally uploaded by Zettai.

But wait! JD dropped this comment over at the YR MySpace:
The 101 Audience cancelled Yacht Rock, but keep your eyes on (currently parked, content to come)

Nothing will stop us from spending our usual zero dollars to make Yacht Rock episodes 11 and 12.

You just might have to wait a couple months longer for them. Our 101 cancellation has given us a message from God to enjoy our summers.

If you live in Chicago, come meet many of us at the Empty Bottle on July 10th, where we'll be showing all the Yacht Rocks. There's another event planned in Chitown for the 30th of June. Not sure where. Keep your eye out for details.

Those of you in Seattle will get your dose of every episode of Yacht Rock on July 15th. I'll try to keep you all abreast on the details.

Keep the fire. Go see all the Yacht Rockers touring this summer. And thank you so much for enjoying our fun little show. We love making it and we love that you love it (emphasis added).

Alas, hope survives! Yacht Rock may just set sail yet again! Huzzah!

distracted by crashing the gates

I've been meaning to get a long overdue post up today, but I've gotten caught up watching some of the panels at Yearly Kos all morning instead. So addictive.

My apologies. No wonder traffic is so low. I've been a lousy, lousy blogger.

WORTHWHILE READ: Two columns from Media Matters' Jamison Foser.

ETA: Foser makes it a trilogy w/another solid rant on 6/9 (via Peter Daou).

For the weekend, a few random token downloads via Insound:

MP3 Art Brut - "Good Weekend"
MP3 Magneta Lane - "Broken Plates"
MP3 The Presets - "Are You The One?"
MP3 Eagles of Death Metal - "I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)"