why is this nite so effing different?

Am I annoyed that I'll be missing Saturday's M83/Ulrich Schnauss show at the Triple Rock because of Passover? After reading Frank Chromewaves' glowing review, what do you think? Aren't I just Mr. Sunshine-Happiness?

MP3 Bloc Party - "Pioneers (M83 remix)"
Since this seemed to go over so well with the Ultragrrrl crowd & the original post has now fallen off the front page, here's a repost of the M83 remix of Bloc Party's "Pioneers" from the Japanese version of the Silent Alarm LP.

iFilm has M83 videos for "Don't Save Us From The Flames" & "Run Into Flowers," and there are a couple others available over at their label, Gooom.

Apologies for the lack of anything new. I've had little to blog about of late & I've been plagued by CPU woes. Maybe I'll post some Naples pix eventually.
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Blogger s.m. vanosdel @ 4/23/2005 11:32:00 PM:

minus what they called technical difficulties, they were pretty epic. oi, sorry you missed it.    

Blogger mr gilbert @ 4/24/2005 02:04:00 PM:

thanks for the report. i'm sorry too. but by wee little cousins were pretty darn cute, so that wasn't so bad. the matzo ball soup was also effing good.    

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