rana flashback: here in the usa

While my favorite band may be defunct for now (though offshoot Sam Champion is likely on the rise), I finally uploaded this old recording of them to YouTube...

RANA @ CBGB, New York, NY, 6/14/02

Good Book, Remember My Address, Not So Mopso, Skin and Bone, Ghetto Queen*, My One Dear Son, Sad and Lonesome, For Some Time, Carbombed Again, I'm Not Orfeo, It's So Hard (Believe Me), Loves It Automatic, I'm Comin' Correct, Bye Bye Love**, Bought and Sold***, Tampa in the Rain***, I Wanna Rock****, Buy Sell or Break***, Eggo, Ivy***, Ring in the Sand

E: Whenever You Can, Modern Day Cowboy, Baby's Got a New Bike, This Machine

This was the record release party for RANA's debut album, Here in the USA. The first 11 songs in the set (ending with It's So Hard) were the album in its entire sequence. Todd Deatherage Band, Darediablo and Plan Z opened.

* - the rap section was "Hot in Herre" (Nelly)
** - Cars cover, first time played
*** - new originals, first time played
**** - dedicated to Durant's father

setlist by Dr. Erik Swain

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