here are your marching orders

RANA. Chicago. Tonic Room. Two sets. 10pm. Tonite. $5. Go. Say hi for me.

4/12/05 setlist (courtesy Josh Stoner):
soundcheck: Funk Jam > Bye Bye Love, I'm Comin' Correct

I: Birthday Boy, So Long Edgewood, Swingin', Good Book, For Some Time, Sad & Lonesome > I'm Not Orfeo, Anton, I'm Comin' Correct, Loves It Automatic, I Waste It, Girl U Want, Tampa in the Rain

II: Replacements, Charm Bracelet, Waiting To Fall In, Baby's in a Bad Way, Silver Not Gold > Ring In The Sand, Thank You For Sending Me An Angel > Baby's Got A New Bike > My One Dear Son > We Will Not Be Lovers, Not So Mopso, Sweethearts, Whenever You Can, Skin & Bone, Buy Sell or Break, Carbombed Again, Backstabing World, Eggo > Carson Daly, It's So Hard

Can't believe I missed that. I suck.

ETA (4/13/05): Hiya Ultragrrrl fanboys & grrls! Thanks for the link, Sarah.
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