and three whole years passed by

It's been almost three months since I began writing this post, which was to commemorate the third blogiversary here @ The Big Ticket (previous years' posts: 2005 & 2006), but the ensuing craziness that has come with moving into a new apartment this month (COUGARS!) & the delay in getting proper internets set up there has kept me from actually getting around to finishing it. But today is the day, it has to be. So let's celebrate!

MP3 Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - "The Birthday Party"
From Grandmaster Flash's Message From Beat Street best of disc.

From La Blogoteque's abfab Take Away Shows series comes this simple yet cinematic birthday tune from Swedish troubadour Jens Lekman (the song is off his 2004 album, When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog). The quiet, more somber tone of this song, played to an empty room, probably gives a better impression of my approach to finally returning to finish this post. I regret abandoning the blog for so long, but alas life sometimes gets in the way.

MP3 Tweeds - "I Need That Record"
This high energy track from some band called Tweeds leads off the solid Numero power-pop compilation Yellow Pills: Prefill, and it's a pretty decent sonic representation of that desperate, all-consuming need to hear the latest music, see the newest movies & tv etc that preoccupies media junkies like yours truly and propels us to express our excitement/emotioins about it - in my case through this now semi-fallow website that I've managed to keep running into its fourth year of existence. And honestly, I really want to get it back up & running on a regular basis more than just about anything right now.

Since I last wrote on this blog, the Channel 101 VH1 offshoot Acceptable.TV has already come and gone (though rumblings about a possible second season are encouraging). I am dumbfounded that I could have kept quiet about a project I was so excited about for so long, but alas that's what happened. It's frustrating. I often have a lot of trouble moving from 0 to 1, getting started & following through, a topic well-covered by zefrank at the start of the show's final week (the day after my blog b-day):

So while this isn't the perfect, well-thought out & thematically well-written post that I probably imagined/hoped it would be, I've decided to just put it up nonetheless. Yeah, I could have gone more in-depth on zefrank's musings on creativity, and possibly tied that to the interactive & inventive stuff going on at Channel 101 @ Acceptable.TV, and finally brought it all together to express my renewed hopes for this blog & my work on it, but then I probably would have stayed stuck on 0 like I have for nearly three months, biding my time until I finally got around to working it all out. So here it is, sloppy as hell, but at least it's something new, even if it's also kinda old.

MP3 Bishop Allen - "Click Click Click Click"
The nite preceding my blog b-day, I went by my lonesome to see NYC indie pop outfit Bishop Allen @ Triple Rock, which was good times indeed (hell, I bought all 12 of their 2006 monthly EP's). There are some more pix from the show @ my Flickr, but none of them are too astounding. Tonite I'm off to the Triple Rock again, this time to see the re-united original line-up of Dinosaur Jr with Anita, and I'll do my best to take some more dynamic photos this time around (assuming I can get up front without a major hassle). I don't know when I'll be able to get those pix uploaded or manage to post a re-cap of the show, as my internet situation is still in limbo, but I'll do my best not to be absent for so long again...

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