M4A BigTix04 [128 kbps / 74.9mb / running time: 79:27 min]

Man Man - "Black Mission Goggles" (MP3)
Ellen Allien & Apparat - "Jet"
Danger Doom - "Sofa King (remix)"
Peaches - "Give 'er"
Oneida - "Up With People" (MP3)
Be Your Own Pet - "Bicycle, Bicycle, You Are My Bicycle" (WMV)
Birdmonster - "'Cause You Can" (YouTube)
Mystery Jets - "You Can't Fool Me, Dennis (Justice remix)"
The Whitest Boy Alive - "Fireworks"
Camera Obscura - "Let's Get Out of this Country"
Eagles of Death Metal - "I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)"
Evangelicals - "Another Day (And You’re Still Knocked Out)"
One For The Team - "Take Cover" (MP3)
The Hidden Cameras - "Awoo"
Junior Boys (f/Andi Tomi) - "In The Morning"
Booka Shade - "In White Rooms (Mexico mix)"
Poni Hoax - "Budapest"
Puffy AmiYumi - "Radio Tokyo"
Phoenix - "Napoleon Says (live)"

At long last, mix #4 is here. More linkage & wordage to come shortly. And I suppose I've got plenty to write about, seeing as I've been absent for an entire month now (holy crap).

Dah, I'm short on time - next stop, Pitchfork - so in the meantime, check out the latest video from The Lonely Island cohort/blogger Chez, who teams up with fellow friend-of-Dudes Kumar and one Officer Dino Wang, who may look just a little familiar (look beyond the mustache):

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Blogger Concert Josh @ 7/31/2006 01:41:00 PM:

I should have check this blog last week, would have bought you a beer. Next time, I guess.

Take Care    

Blogger Unknown @ 11/29/2009 02:36:00 AM:

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