shoe money tonite!

No time today for a proper GB review, so how about a mp3 post instead? Okay!

MP3 Joy Zipper - "Baby You Should Know"
Doing their best "sounds like My Bloody Valentine" here is Joy Zipper, a boy/girl(friend) duo from Long Island, NY. This bit of indie pop bliss comes from their American Whip LP (see listen x 5), which is currently available only by import (OM was able to hook me up). Put this on & look deep into your loved one's eyes...

MP3 Mike Gunther - "Vermillion"
Doing his best "sounds like Tom Waits" here is Mpls-bred Mike Gunther, who opened for Gogol Bordello (which I'll speak more about later). From Every Dream That's Dropped And Died, this version is more subdued than the one I saw in person, where Gunther was belting out "Jerusalem!" with great vengeance & furious anger.
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