morning in america (whew)

Despite this morning's wankerism from DCCC chair Rahm Emmanuel, another four years with a Republican govenor & the prospect of turncoat Joe Lieberman becoming the Senate's swing vote (oy vey, indeed), yesterday was a good one for Democrats & IMO America. Of course, as Happy might say, "We've only just begun." Glenn Greenwald has a couple great morning-after posts worth perusing, but I really only need two words to put a smile on my face today: Chairman Conyers.

Go for it, Johnny.

M4P Lily Allen - "Smile (radio edit)" - free download via iTunes (this week only)

To keep your Wednesday shining oh-so-bright, a baby with an outrageously infectious laugh (via Ehrensenf via Rocketboom), Borat w/Colmes (who needs Hannity?), and an odd happy dance mash-up (via Headphone Sex):

And perhaps the President had a different kinda morning...

BTW: I meant to actually get this post up in the "morning" but oh well...

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Heard you guys suck.
Bad ideas, stupid personalities, very boring. Listen and watch Limbaugh, Levin, and Hannity. Get a brain transplant and you may have a shot at 8% of their market share.    

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