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MP3 Sahara Hotnights - "Hangin"
A while back, my friend Jessica told me about seeing Sahara Hotnights in NYC, describing them as "AC/DC except w/hot Swedish chicks" or something to that effect. That sounded like an intriguing formula to me, so I picked up their balls-to-the-wall, hook-laden Jennie Bomb LP, which is plenty of hard-rocking fun. I picked up their new disc Kiss & Tell (check out the Pitchfork review, which I think is pretty accurate) while I was in NYC, and this is the album's final track. I have been digging the album thus far.

MP3 Pete Miser - "Scent of a Robot"
When I returned home to Mpls, I was pleased to see that Sumosonic 28, the latest compilation cd from the hip folks over at Heavy, had arrived. This set also came with a DVD featuring several cool short films about "speed" that were produced through Nikelab. You can view the shorts online over at the Art of Speed blog. One of the films included in this collection is from another NYU classmate of mine, Dave Ahuja, who created one of the coolest "animated" films I've ever seen back when we were in school. Check out his website, which features a bunch of his music videos. Music-wise, I chose to share this Pete Miser hip-hop track because songs about robots are nifty.

Listen to MP3 the press laugh at President Bush (via Majority Report), who may not know what the word sovereignty actually means.

Lastly, there was quite a bit of sex on last nite's episode of HBO's Six Feet Under. I laughed my ass off when David's boyfriend Keith, who was being seduced by fake popstar Celeste, responded to her instruction that she doesn't get "fu**ed in the ass" by saying, "Well, that makes one of us."

Get it? Because he's gay! How wonderfully witty!

BTW: I changed the banner up a bit, removing the KG photo & adding a logo designed by my pal Marc. I figured it was appropriate given the fact that we're in an election year. Let me know what y'all think - I love feedback.
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| sweet on a green-eyed girl »
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| we're on a road to nowhere »
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| i've made a huge mistake »
| screw you, taxpayer! »

Anonymous Anonymous @ 8/09/2004 07:04:00 AM:

Like the logo. Would also come in handy if KG ever runs for office (which admittedly seems unlikely-- he's kind of the anithesis of a political public persona.)    

Blogger JRDN @ 8/09/2004 07:15:00 PM:

Nonsense! We (MN folk) elected KG as MVP this last season. Here's to another term for our pres: KG our MVP in 05! big-ups marc, on the logo.    

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