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At last, here's my pix/review of the Rocks Off boat cruise from July 29, featuring a double shot of Brooklyn-based rawk by RANA and Sam Champion. Sorry to keep some of you waiting...

Sam Champion:
Company Dance, Now Look At Me, Slow Rewind, New Song #1, All Of Our Tomorrows, Too Broke To Get Drunk, New Song #2, TV Fever

This was my first in-person Sam Champion show (my 16th for RANA), and I was pleased with what I saw - to say the least. Drummer Ryan Thornton (also of RANA) kept the rhythm in check as always, and frontman Noah Chernin was impressive on both vocals & guitar. I hadn't seen Noah rip it up on electric before, and he certainly held his own. Sean McCormick was subbing for usual bassist Jack Dolgen (according to Jay over @ Let The Good Times Roll), but given my lack of Sam Champion experience, I didn't know the difference - so I guess Sean did a pretty damn good job. I spoke with Noah a little while people were boarding the Half Moon, and he said that they were close to finding someone to put out their debut LP Slow Rewind, so hopefully it will be available for mass consumption sometime soon.

So Long Edgewood, So Long Shadow, Skin & Bone, Girl U Want (Devo), Charm Bracelet, Corrina (Taj Mahal), Bloodshed, I Waste It, Carson Daly, Loves It Automatic > Satisfaction (Rolling Stones) > Loves It Automatic, Silver Not Gold > Poop Georgette III, Cockroach, New Song #1, Speed Demon, Good Book, New Song #2, I'm Not Orfeo, Carbombed Again, Do You Ever Feel Ashamed, Buy Sell or Break, Whenever You Can, My One Dear Son > We Will Not Be Lovers (Waterboys), One Good Eye

E: Pop Life, Backstage Pass > "RANAROCK!" funk jam

RANA put on a great show as always, though their set did have its ups and downs. They opened strong with a one-two punch of "So Long Edgewood" and "So Long Edgewood" before whipping bassist Andrew Southern's "Skin & Bone" out of hiatus to the delight of many long time fans. "Loves It Automatic" featured a foray into the Stones' "Satisfaction", and an old school "Silver Not Gold" (which I was delighted to hear) segued nicely into a audience-participatory "Poop Georgette III". The new songs were both sung by keyboardist Matt Durant, whose vocal talents dominated the majority of the set. Guitar-god-in the-making Scott "Boots" Metzger got to sing a few tunes toward the end of the show, though he biffed on the second verse of "Backstage Pass" & plowed through to the chorus instead. Durant led a odd, sorta funky jam out of "Backstage" while sensually chanting "RANAROCK!" as the boat neared the docks to close out the encore.

While it was a bit disappointing/surprising that there wasn't any PBR at a Jake-organized event, overall the nite was quite a good time. Both bands played kick ass sets, and while it wasn't the best RANA I've ever seen, it was wonderful to see them for the first time since New Year's Eve. I'd also like to send congrats out to Ramie, who apparently found an investor that nite. And despite all the literal rocking back & forth on the deck of the Half Moon boat, I didn't fall down once nor did I get seasick. For those who are interested, there is also a Jambase review of this show you can check out.

Coming soon...pix & words about Scissor Sisters @ Tower, the legendary Bling Kong and (maybe) even more from my voyage to NYC!
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