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Emmy travesty: Carl Weathers isn't nominated for "Guest Actor in a Comedy Series"

Last week, the nominations for this year's Emmy awards were announced - so of course I have to do a bit of ranting about them. Here's a complete list of nominations (via USA Today) for your own reference.

The good news - joining Curb Your Enthusiasm and the final season of Sex & The City in the Best Comedy category is Fox's Arrested Development, and deservedly so. Given the amount of critical & industry acclaim the show received, I won't be surprised if it actually wins. AD's Jeffrey Tambor was also nominated for Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, though I think Will Arnett (G.O.B.) should have been nominated as well. The amazing second season of Chappelle's Show is up for Best Variety (Music or Comedy) Series, which The Daily Show took home last year (and is nominated for again).

The late John Ritter of 8 Simple Rules has been nominated for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, which I don't know about. No disrespect to Mr. Ritter or his body of work, but this nomination is just pure sentimentality, as he only appeared in a few episodes of this past season due to his sudden death. IMO, it just seems like laziness on the part of the Academy.

Lastly, the Best Drama category is a joke. The West Wing may have won the award the last four years, but does it really deserve a nomination for its fifth, and Sorkin-less, season? I have been a gigantic 24 fan, but a good portion (if not most) of last year's third season was a complete mess. My sister loves Joan of Arcadia, but is it one of the five best hour-long dramas on tv? I don't watch CSI, which is tv's most popular show, so somebody will have to let me know if it's really deserving. But where's the nod for Six Feet Under? Or the under-watched The Wire? Can you sense my frustration? I guess this will finally be The Sopranos' year to win the big one.

End of rant. Thanks for your patience.
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Anonymous Anonymous @ 7/22/2004 08:22:00 AM:

Jon's sister here to say that I found Joan of Arcadia, especially during the first half of the season, to be one of the best done hours on television. It got a little uneven in the second half, but it was generally still very good. Is it better than Six Feet Under or The Wire? I can't say-- I've only seen parts of earlier seasons of SFU on DVD cuz I don't have HBO. It's certainly very different and in my opinion was better than this past years' West Wing or 24. -- dana    

Blogger JZ @ 7/22/2004 11:19:00 AM:

SIX FEET UNDER wasn't on last year. Hence no nomination.

Where's THE SHIELD is my question. That show was WAY better than 24 last year and I love 24.    

Blogger mr gilbert @ 7/22/2004 12:09:00 PM:

Wow. I forgot that SFU's 3rd season aired way back in spring of '03. Agreed re: The Shield, which has managed to hook me over the past two seasons. I was kinda suprised that it wasn't nominated, given the previous win for Chiklis & the weakening of the other standard contenders.    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 7/24/2004 02:36:00 PM:

A second thumbs up on Joan of Arcadia. They hit all the right notes. Fantastic writing and a very capable Emmy-worthy cast. I can't complain about anything major. My minor quibble is that it seems Joan has to end up crying at least once per episode. I don't know why. Amber Tamblyn (sp?), the actress who plays Joan, seems to be able to turn on the tears at will, and cries very convincingly. That's no excuse for having her to do it 22 times per TV season.    

Anonymous buy assignment @ 3/28/2011 01:09:00 AM:

8 Simple Rules is a really great movie. Nothing strange that Ritter was nominated on the title "Lead Actor" - he played so well.    

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