goin' down down down downtown

Yes, it is Waits Wednesday & I am here in lovely New York City, though I actually got into town yesterday (Tuesday 7/27) afternoon. How did I manage to get out the east coast so quickly? All credit goes to my sister Dana, who drove (as an old friend of mine likes to say) "like a champ" in order to bump up our sceduled arrival time. She was a manimal behind the wheel, refusing to let silly things like nightfall or a heavy downpour keep her from her destination. Bravo, D.

Today's selections are decidely NYC-influenced, a theme which is likely to continue throughout the next week I would guess:

MP3 Tom Waits - "Union Square"
Once I finish this post, I am likely off to the Union Square area, where I will do my best to catch a late showing of Garden State, which opens today in New York (more on that tomorrow, perhaps). This is from Tommy's Rain Dogs LP, and it certainly gets me pumped about heading downtown ("Downtown" from the Heartattack & Vine album also does the trick).

MP3 Interpol - "The New"
Thus far, I have decided to avoid posting material from Interpol's upcoming sophomore LP Antics. I'm not sure why, but I feel a little bit weird about it. Perhaps I'm a bit torn because the New York-based band's first album, Turn On The Bright Lights, on which this may be my favorite track, was my hindsight favorite disc of 2002 (Pitchfork's as well). But shouldn't that mean that I would want to feature the new album even more? I'm clearly confused & still debating, and I welcome anybody to psychoanalyze my indecision if you think you can offer any useful insight.

you've crossed the curtis line

Last Halloween, the Rosens & I watched the sci-fi "thriller" Dreamcatcher (I think Rachel's brother Adam picked it), which was in theaters last year. It's based on a book by Stephen King, and had big Hollywood veterans like director Lawrence Kasdan and writer William Goldman working behind the camera - and yet it is horrible. But it is so bad, that it's gone back to good again. In fact, it's borderline amazing. I picked up the dvd used a couple weeks back, and showed it to my pal Joe Blnk on my first nite back in NYC. He was likewise stunned. The plot is convoluted & all-over-the-place, the acting borderline ridiculous, and oh, the visual metaphors! I laughed my ass off. For those of you out there who enjoy a good "bad" movie now & then, you might want to check it out.

A few snapshots from the road trip, for the heck of it:

| nothing gets you high anymore »
| i've made a huge mistake »
| screw you, taxpayer! »
| i shall never misuse rex kwon do »
| so romantic, so dramatic, so sheik »
| 'cause i got there too late »
| why can't we look the other way »
| jerry falwell destroyed the earth »
| can you read between my gums? »

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