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Yup, it's Waits Wednesday again. The snooty, yet delightful folks over at Pitchfork news reported recently on the new Tom Waits album, entitled Real Gone, which is due out October 5. Above is the cover art (clearly), fetched from the Anti records website.

MP3 Tom Waits - "Ol' 55" (live on VH1 Storytellers)
Back in 1999, when Waits was touring in support of Mule Variations, he recorded a performance for the VH1 series Storytellers. The now-defunct (I think) show featured musicians explaining the backstory behind their songs in between performing them. Since Waits is a master-storyteller already (through his music), not to mention possibly the coolest individual alive, this was right up his alley. "Ol' 55" is the leadoff track from his debut album, Closing Time, on which Tommy's voice doesn't sound nearly as gravelly as it does twenty years later.

MP3 Camera Obscura - "San Francisco Song"
Last nite's Camera Obscura show at the 400 Bar completely slipped my mind. I was over at mr rosen's, who I won't be seeing for a couple a weeks due to both his & my travel plans, and I never even gave it a thought. Then again, given my upcoming trips to NYC, Chicago and LA, I should be saving up my cash anyway. This track comes from the great 3 disc Merge Records 15th anniversary compilation, Old Enough To Know Better, which I found for just $12 (on sale) at Electric Fetus last weekend.

I also spent much of last weekend watching the entire second season of The Kids in the Hall on dvd. Yes, the season one dvd set just came out a month or two ago, but I've had it since February since I pre-ordered it through the Kids' official dvd site. Likewise, the season 2 dvd set won't be in stores for months yet, but you can still get it early by ordering online. For more Kids in the Hall info, check out the fansite, which is a great resource.

In other dvd news, NYC dance-punks The Rapture have made their first concert dvd, The Rapture is Live &, Well, in New York City. It was recorded during a three nite stand at NYC's Bowery Ballroom, and directed by another former NYU Film classmate of mine, Patrick Daughters, who also directed the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' video for "Maps" that broke them on MTV. Back in June, I posted a link to a live video of "Sister Saviour" that I think was taken off of the dvd. Here's a link to order it through Amazon.

Lastly, the Majority Report tipped me off to a new documentary called Outfoxed that focuses on just how bogus Fox News really is. I haven't seen it yet, but you can order a dvd of the movie for just $10 (+shipping). It was directed by Robert Greenwald, who also directed Janeane in the unconventional Abby Hoffman biopic Steal This Movie! back in 2000.

ETA: More dvd news! The first season of the critically-acclaimed Arrested Development will be released on October 19, according to TV Shows on DVD. The 3 disc set will come out a few weeks before Fox premieres the second season on November 7. As always, the latest AD news (& fake news) can be found over at The O.P.. Thanks to Matt @ Fluxblog for the heads-up.

Don't forget to tune in to Bravo's Dave Foley-hosted Celebrity Poker Showdown tomorrow nite (Thursday 7/22) @ 9pm ET/8pm CT, as AD stars Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, David Cross & Judy Greer hopefully take all of Peter Facinelli's money (for charity).
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Blogger Alan Williamson @ 7/22/2004 01:31:00 PM:

Thanks for the Camera Obscura track.    

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Thanks for the Rapture DVD info!    

Anonymous writing an essay @ 10/06/2011 11:51:00 AM:

I think Waits' songs frequently present atmospheric portrayals of grotesque, often seedy characters and places – although he has also shown a penchant for more conventional ballads    

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