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I'll try to get around to the NYC recap this weekend or early next week, but today I must speak of Wednesday nite's A.C. Newman show at the Triple Rock, which I managed to make it out to despite having traveled back to Mpls that afternoon & it going until 2am. The late start actually allowed me to comfortably watch the latest episode of Rescue Me, the fantastic new Denis Leary show about FDNY firefighters on F/X, and The Daily Show before heading out to the venue. As I walked in, I immediately ran into Jim from How Was The Show? (check out his review of last week's Modest Mouse/Walkmen show @ 1st Ave), who I chatted with between sets.

MP3 A.C. Newman - "The Town Halo"
Before the main set began, Jim said that he really wanted to hear this song, which is the tenth track on Newman's great recent solo album The Slow Wonder. I don't know if it's my favorite track on the disc (I think "On The Table" & "Secretarial" (the first two songs played) may be mine, along with MP3 "Miracle Drug"), but it certainly kicks ass. "35 In The Shade" was another highlight during a pretty chatty set by Newman & his bandmates. I laughed the hardest when Carl (aka A.C.) pompously joked about how popular his other band was, how they had "been on the tv," and how we (the audience) needed to give him proper respect. Well, he's got mine.

MP3 The Neins - "Sunday Anthems"
While Rogue Wave was the more hyped opening act, I was more impressed by Vancouver's The Neins, though I only caught the last couple songs of their set. Mixing weird pop sensibilities, oddball lyrics & a little atypical instrumentation, they seem a bit like Starlight Mints meets the Unicorns. I picked up their Sunday Anthems cd, from which this is the title track, and I'm digging it thus far. It's available (sort of) through their website. Several members of The Neins sat in during Newman's set, so much so in fact that I thought they were simply in his band. Worth checking out, IMO.

BTW: All three bands had chick bass players. Kick ass.

ETA: Jim has his review of the show up over at How Was The Show.
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Anonymous Anonymous @ 8/06/2004 07:50:00 AM:

Did A.C. do "Homemade Bombs in the Afternoon?"    

Blogger mr gilbert @ 8/06/2004 01:37:00 PM:

He certainly did, & he made some joke about how it was only available on the internet or something. I don't remember exactly. Anyway, here's the setlist, literally as scratched out on paper:

Prize F.
35 in S.
Come Crash
Home Bombs

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