we're on a road to nowhere

Today, my sister Dana & I hit the road early as we do our best to make it out to NYC by Wednesday. We should hopefully make it to Cleveland (or somewhere thereabouts) by the end of the day, though I'm not sure where we'll be stopping to spend the nite. I'm not sure if I'll be properly rested for trek, but I've got no choice but to forge ahead (I'll be sure to pack some Red Bull to keep me going through the tough stretches). During my week and a half on the road and in New York, my blogging may be very sporatic, depending on my ability to find quality wireless access & my old laptop's ability to meet my needs. If all goes well, I'll be able to post regularly with little/no problem. If not, you can expect to hear from me sometime around August 4th or 5th, once I get back to Minneapolis (& my trusty G4).

MP3 Built To Spill - "Car"
Obviously, today's songs are "road trip"-themed. And naturally, the first song I thought of was this track, one of my favorites from indie rockers Built To Spill. From their 1994 LP There's Nothing Wrong With Love, "Car" is just a great poppy rock song, courtesy Mr. Doug Martsch. "I wanna see movies of my dreams" - what a great f**kin' line! Let's hit the road.

MP3 The Modern Lovers - "Roadrunner"
I looked into getting the Modern Lovers' self-titled album after hearing Matt Durant of RANA rave & rave about it. I tried ordering it from Insound, but I accidentally got vinyl instead of a cd. Oops. Anyway, I eventually got the 1976 album in an easy-to-listen-to (and put in my iPod) format, so I can share this fantastic track with y'all today. I think this Jonathan Richman-penned song will have to be the first song played out of the driveway.
| i've made a huge mistake »
| screw you, taxpayer! »
| i shall never misuse rex kwon do »
| so romantic, so dramatic, so sheik »
| 'cause i got there too late »
| why can't we look the other way »
| jerry falwell destroyed the earth »
| can you read between my gums? »
| truth is baby, it's a lie-lie-lie-lie »

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Good Luck Young Sir! May I suggest another stopover in the grand city of Maumie, OH.    

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good luck to you both. if you will travel near the smallville - be my guest. i'll be waiting for you    

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