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MP3 The Decemberists - "Grace Catherdral Hill"

Today's post will be very short, though there has been plenty to write about over the course of my weekend here in NYC. My old iBook has been painfully slow at times, which hasn't encouraged me to be really active on the blog. Therefore, you might not hear a lot from me until I get back home to Mpls later this week, at which time I'll be better able to properly discuss the events of days past. For those waiting for photos from the RANA/Sam Champion show from last week, you'll have to be a little patient with me.

After seeing the director's cut of Donnie Darko yesterday afternoon, I spent the next several hours wondering around Manhattan listening to the above Decemberists track, from the Castaways & Cutouts LP, on repeat. I just felt like it, I guess. Yes, I know, that's weird.
| goin' down down down downtown »
| we're on a road to nowhere »
| nothing gets you high anymore »
| i've made a huge mistake »
| screw you, taxpayer! »
| i shall never misuse rex kwon do »
| so romantic, so dramatic, so sheik »
| 'cause i got there too late »
| why can't we look the other way »

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