jerry falwell destroyed the earth

(left to right) Corn Mo, a DLR-wannabe, and Jake from Rocks Off/TRC/Wetlands etc

Corn Mo may be the greatest opening act a rock band could ever ask for. The metal-accordion mastermind, who I last wrote about back in March, will be warming up the crowd at First Avenue before tonite's They Might Be Giants show, which I actually doubt I will make it to. For those who are going to be there, you are in for a treat - so show up early. For more on the man/myth/legend, check out his online diary or his Friendster profile.

MP3 Corn Mo - "Lollipop"
This song, from his I Hope You Win! LP, usually opens up Corn Mo's raucous live performances. It's also appropriately used in this MOV web promo (6.7mb) for the Corn Mo Show, which I've just got to see one of these days.

MP3 Corn Mo - "Busey Boy"
Also from I Hope You Win!, I posted this song about Corn Mo's resemblence to actor Gary Busey a few months back, but here it is again. Both this track & "Lollipop" are from the MP3 section on Corn Mo's website.

MP3 Corn Mo - "Shine On Golden Warrior" (live)
Recorded on March 22, 2002 @ Knitting Factory NYC, this is probably the highlight of his set opening for New Jersey's RANA. On stage, Corn Mo is alone w/his accordion, a microphone, and a drumstick stuck inside his shoe (so he can smash the cymbal he sets up on the floor). He needs no backing band - he can rawk out all on his own. This song is a tribute to old school wrestler Kevin Von Erich, aka the Golden Warrior (of course).

Yesterday, Slatch tipped me off about an upcoming compilation from Barsuk Records entitled Future Soundtrack For America, due out August 10. It's a joint project between Barsuk,, and Music For America that whose proceeds will benefit "non-profit progressive organizations." Ben Kweller is apparently contributing a track called, "Jerry Falwell Destroyed the Earth" - which I'm interested to hear.

In movie-related stuff, I stumbled across a download for an episode of Sundance Channel's Anatomy of a Scene series that features Zach Braff's upcoming directorial debut, Garden State. I found it through the Fox Searchlight forum, and it's available at Jeff Patch's blog in both lo-res & hi-res quicktime formats. I can't wait to see this movie.
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