"red white & blue...aww yeah"

Las Vegas' The Killers surround the "host" of Pepsi Smash.

MOV The Killers on Pepsi Smash 7.1.04 - "Somebody Told Me" (11.3mb)

Last week, Mateo over @ Rock n Roll in the Real World was complaining about missing both The Killers and The Hives on some live music show on The WB called Pepsi Smash. Given the usual roster of "artists" who frequent the show, which is hosted by a Ryan Seacrest-wannabe, I can see why I had never heard of it before (of course, Ultragrrrl knew the score). I had trouble getting the videos on the show's website to work for me, so I managed to find the show online, download it, and encode the Killers' segment to a somewhat reasonable size. Come back tomorrow (or later on this week) & I'll have the Hives' segment available as well.

Aww...isn't Brandon just adorable?

And if you didn't already know, "Somebody Told Me" is the big hit single from The Killers' debut LP, Hot Fuss.

Independence day was good times. I had some peeps over, and we played some bocce ball, took the boat out for a pleasure cruise, and consumed massive quantities of food. I was the grillmaster, and I rose to meet the challenge (thanks to Mike for all his assistance, especially w/the kabobs). Chris over @ Pop77 helped supply much of the day's soundtrack w/his New Synthetics shows, and the whole event was made immensely better by the presence of our old pal Flip, who's in town to promote her new debut cd. Since americans like nothing better than to stuff our faces & blow sh** up, we managed to take in a very solid fireworks display out in St. Louis Park, though Rachel's sudden lack of depth perception made her uneasy about whether or not the fireworks were exploding too close to the ground (and us). Sam & I weren't as concerned.

Happy birthday, America!
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Blogger chrisp @ 7/05/2004 10:34:00 PM:

Ms. Frisch's music is just wonderful - especially on a warm summer night. Also, anyone who writes a song titled "bunkbed nights" has me at hello.

Looks like you and the gang kicked it old school this weekend (bocce ball - sweet!). Glad to have provided some of the music. Just to let you know, I now have a playlist titled "Big Ticket" on my ipod.    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 8/24/2005 03:24:00 AM:

The Killers... hummmmmmmmmmm
especially Brandon!!!
I Love ROCK'N'ROLL!!!!    

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