loosening my grip on bobby orr

Yesterday was Canada Day, so today I will conclude my Tragically Hip tribute week as best I can. We will return to regularly scheduled programming next week. Have a great holiday weekend, folks!

MP3 The Tragically Hip - "Courage" (live)
"Courage" originally appeared on The Hip's third album, Fully Completely, and I think is still considered their signature song & biggest hit. Besides undoubtably being overplayed throughout Canadia, the song also played a key role in Canadian director Atom Egoyan's acclaimed 1997 film The Sweet Hereafter. This version comes from The Hip's outstanding concert album Live Between Us, which was recorded 11/23/96 at Cobo Arena in Detroit, MI. Frontman Gordon Downie always throws random poetic musings into his song lyrics when performing live, which I've always gotten a kick out of & which he does nicely here.

MP3 The Tragically Hip - "Escape is at Hand for the Travellin' Man"
Here's another more subdued track from 1998's Phantom Power that I've grown to really love. It sort of speaks about the more subtle, day-to-day moments of living on the road as a touring band, and some of the people that you meet along the way & probably never see again. Downie crafted some particularly beautiful words for this song, which always puts a reflective/nostalgic smile on my face.

MP3 The Tragically Hip - "Fireworks"
Lastly, here's yet another song from Phantom Power, but I felt I just had to cap the week off with "Fireworks" - something my pal Rachel simply refuses to do without this weekend. This opening verse of this song speaks specifically to Canadians & their stereotypical passion for all things hockey - the song was originally called "Bobby Orr" if I'm not mistaken. However, "Spacemoose" offers this bit of insight over at songmeanings.net:
But I think the song is about how stars have been replaced with fireworks. Great people, great moments are lost in the modern rush of moments and people. When everyone gets 15 minutes, no-one gets 16. The bright stars of yesterday are replaced with the brief fireworks of today.

An interesting perspective.

mpls show alert

Anybody who already picked up tickets for the upcoming Broken Social Scene/Walkmen show at First Avenue should pay attention: Modest Mouse has been added to the 7/28 bill and is now headlining. Advance tickets are now $22, and this message was on the 1st Ave website:
NOTE: People who have purchased tickets to the Broken Social Scene concert need to turn in their tickets for refunds, then repurchase a new ticket for the show including Modest Mouse.

You have been forewarned.
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Blogger Poops @ 7/02/2004 03:21:00 PM:

Fireworks as I remember reading was a song written as a wedding present for some friends. I could be wrong, though.    

Blogger sean @ 7/04/2004 12:51:00 PM:

These are some fine Hip songs you've selected. "Fireworks" is one of the very best songs of all time, selon moi. :)    

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