go get 'em, tiger

Since I don't have anywhere to be Wednesday morning, I went out & caught a midnight screening of Spiderman 2. It's a big, fun summer blockbuster, though a lot of time is spent on Peter Parker's whining about the stress & indecision of being a comic book superhero. Hopefully Spiderman's more wiseass nature will return in the third chapter. Also, Tobey Maguire makes some pretty terrible faces on a couple occasions when he's pretending to really-strain himself physically. Still, the action & effects are great (blows away the original), Alfred Molina does a great job as Doc Ock (a much more subtle job than Willem Dafoe's scenery-chewing last time), and as a whole it's a much better movie, IMO. It also does a great job of setting up the next sequel, which will hit theaters in summer 2007.

MP3 Tom Waits - "Cold Cold Ground"
Once again, it's Waits Wednesday. Today's cut from 1987's Frank's Wild Years, though I think I first heard this song on an episode of Homicide: Life on the Street, long before I first stumbled across some Tom Waits cd's in the cheapo bin @ Tower Records. The slow guitar strumming & accordion playing help set the tone for this somber musing on death & related topics. Tom seems particularly heartfelt w/his vocals on this song, IMO.

MP3 The Tragically Hip - "Bobcaygeon"
And Tragically Hip week continues as well. I had a request from Caley for this track, and frankly it's a pleasure to honor it. From 1998's Phantom Power, which I think is the band's best album, "Bobcaygeon" is one of the Hip's more popular slower songs, and rightly so - it's a beauty. 'Nuff said.

can you feel it intensify

Monday nite's !!! show @ the Triple Rock was a blast, as expected.

While waiting around for !!! to come on, I was chatted up my some random girls who thought I looked a lot like local hero Har Mar Superstar, which (thankfully) I had never heard before. I couldn't tell if these girls were f**king w/me, drunk, or both. I didn't let it bother me too much. There was too much dancing yet to be done.

!!! went on around midnite & played for a little over an hour. They mostly played stuff off of their new album, Louden Up Now, but they closed with "Intensify" from their self-titled LP (via iTunes) after the guy upfront in the green shirt insisted that they do so. Groovy frontman Nic Offer said that mr green shirt, "had the right idea."

Of course, things nearly got out of hand when mr green shirt & several of his friends (including the two potentially drunk girls mentioned previously) jumped on stage & danced there throughout the song. The band managed to work around them just fine, and Offer didn't seem to mind - he even joined the crowd at one point. Much like fellow NYC'ers The Strokes, !!! don't do encores, so the show came to a screeching, sweaty halt as audience members finally left the stage.

I picked up a very cool Aesthetic Apparatus poster for myself on the way out & continued to groove out (via iPod) during the late nite drive home.
| a serious threat to democracy »
| fooled me once, shame on you »
| bush compares democrats to nazis »
| i got the moon, i got the cheese »
| i'll take the rapists for $400 »
| big pimpin, smokin' weed »
| drawing you into the club »
| too drunk to drink more? »
| and a sweet sound it made »

Blogger caley @ 7/01/2004 12:47:00 AM:

Ah thank you so much, much much obliged. Much...much.    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 7/08/2004 08:54:00 PM:

I first heard "Cold Cold Ground" on the film Leolo, and I had to search out the Tom Waits afterwards. Great stuff, that song.    

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