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I just got back from the dentist, who is also my uncle Neil. So while I wait for the novocaine to wear off, allow me to make a shameless plug for a friend of mine, Flip Frisch, and her brand new cd, The Spring of My Content. This album is a long time coming for Flip, and I couldn't be more pleased for/proud of her. She mostly does straightforward guitar-based folk stuff, but it's always cut with her wry sense of humor, which nicely complements her big, beautiful heart. The following links come from her relatively new website, where there's an additional song available (though the "order the cd" link doesn't work yet).

MP3 Flip Frisch - "Come Into My Garden"
I think Flip first played this one for me back in May '03, when she was in town for Sam & Rachel's wedding. After all of the double entendres she croons in this song, I feel a little bit dirty. I can't believe she might be selling this to children.

MP3 Flip Frisch - "Bunkbed Nights"
This nostalgic track is kinda sad, reflecting back on unrequited childhood romance. It's also quite lovely. When Flip was over at my folks' place on July 4th, she mentioned that she had actually been at the cabin she sings about earlier that same day.

Flip is up at Herzl Camp (where we all met, once upon a time) for the week, but will be back in Mpls briefly to play a set @ the New Delhi Bar & Restaurant (1400 Nicollet Ave S) next Thursday (7/15). I'll have more details when I have more details.

every mighty mild seventies child

Elsewhere, iTunes users may want to take advantage of this week's free download, "Combat Baby" from Metric, which coincidentally I have been listening to quite a lot of late. I posted the song a while back, but those who missed out should take advantage this time around.

Also, Tofu Hut has a couple live cuts from Nellie McKay's appearance on NPR a few months back. He's also got a nice write-up of her free show at NYC's South Street Seaport that's worth a read. Nellie can really be a charmer in person, can't she?
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Blogger Mitchell - Crumrine @ 7/14/2004 11:49:00 AM:

I listened to Flip's mp3... I they f*cking rock! In a mellow f*cking rock kind of way, of course.    

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