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I just got back from a late nite screening of Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 at my local multiplex, where I ran into my aunt Dobie, my cousin Carolyn and her son Mickey - who I mentioned the midnite show to last weekend. The screening had a decent audience, despite the fact that somebody screwed up & forgot to include it in Thursday's movie listings.

My immediate take on the film is mixed, probably because the film was hyped up so much, and also because I had heard a lot of the "Bush-bashing" material before in other formats. The film starts off great, but goes a little all over the place when Moore starts discussing the Bin Laden-Bush connections. Moore retrieves his focus when the film's turns its eye toward Iraq, where it remains for most of the second hour. Moore succeeds in showing a more personal side to the war, and leaves you with the general impression that too many lives have been lost in the pursuit of who-knows-what, and that the war is just plain wrong.

Fahrenheit 9/11 really is quite powerful, though it does throw a bit too much information at you sometimes. I'd say it's more likely than not that I see it again w/some friends this weekend. I think I may get a clearer picture the second time around. I wish I had a better review in me, but it's late.

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MP3 Beck - "Paper Tiger"
A couple days ago I posted a link to Spoon's "Paper Tiger", from their acclaimed 2002 album Kill The Moonlight. Another acclaimed 2002 album, namely Beck's Sea Change, also featured an amazing song of the same title, which I thought was a pretty random coincidence at the time. If I had to choose between them, and that's a tough choice, I would have to go with the Beck track, because it is just so damn beautiful & epic.

MP3 Spoon - "The Fitted Shirt" (live)
Speaking of Spoon (again), they are all that I've been listening to since seeing them the other nite. So here's a live version of one of my (already stated) favorite tracks, "The Fitted Shirt", which comes from the Stuck on AM 4 compilation put together by the kind folks over at the great local college radio station, 770 AM Radio K. Besides being a great rock track, I love both the nostalgia & the simplicity of singing about your "dad's old used shirt." The original version can be found on 2001's Girls Can Tell.

BTW: For those that are interested, the release date for the season one dvd of HBO's incredible The Wire has been pushed back yet again to October 12, according to TV Shows on DVD. Re-mark your calendars.
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