bush compares democrats to nazis

Anybody remember a few months back, when MoveOn.org got in a bit of trouble with their "Bush in 30 Seconds" contest? Hundreds & hundreds of ads were submitted & put on the website for people to vote on, and one (not a finalist, mind you) compared the Bush administration to the nazis. When this was pointed out to MoveOn.org, it was removed from the competition, but of course that didn't stop right-wing pundits from using it to rail against democrats & the "liberal" media.

BTW: CBS refused to air the winning ad during the Super Bowl, choosing instead to show their support for men who can't get it up.

Hipocrisy knows no bounds. As pointed out on the Randi Rhodes show (streaming 3-7pm ET on Air America Radio), a new video ad on the front page of Dubya's official campaign website shows clips of Al Gore, Michael Moore, Dick Gephardt & John Kerry intercut w/clips of Hitler in an attempt to compare the angry statements of "John Kerry's Democratic Party" to fascist nazi chants, while championing George W. Bush's "optimism".


Go check it out before they get pressured into taking it down. If it is taken down & you don't get a chance to see it, let me know - I downloaded the thing because I am in such disbelief. Wow.

I'm going to a midnite screening of Fahrenheit 9/11 tonite, which I'll try to report back on tomorrow. And tomorrow nite: Dave Chappelle, bitches!
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