dance to the underground

After taking the Timberwolves to the NBA championship w/mr rosen, I went downtown to the Triple Rock for some late-nite rawk. As I walked in, live hip-hoppers Heiruspecs were already onstage & dishing out the rhymes. I was impressed, & I wish their merch guy had stuck around until the end of the show (when I was considering purchases). What followed was a double-shot of NYC new-wave-dance-punk by The Fever & Radio 4 that was highly enjoyable. Good times, ladies & gents.

MP3 The Fever - "Ladyfingers" from the Pink on Pink EP
MP3 The Fever - "Ladyfingers (Krushed Glass remix)" from the Ladyfingers/Glamourous Life 12"
MP3 The Fever - "Gray Ghost" from the upcoming LP Red Bedroom, out May 18

MP3 Radio 4 - "Get Set To Fall Out" from The New Song & Dance
MP3 Radio 4 - "How The Stars Got Crossed" from The New Song & Dance
MP3 Radio 4 - "Calling All Enthusiasts" from the Gotham!
MP3 Radio 4 - "Eyes Wide Open" from the Gotham!
MP3 Radio 4 - "Dance to the Underground" from the eponymous 12" single

Look for a more thorough review of this show in the coming days @ How Was The Show?, which reviews Twin Cities rock shows etc. I talked to a guy who was going to be writing a review, and he was taking notes & everything. Here's a review of the Rapture/BRMC gig from a few weeks ago, since I never got around to mentioning it. My ears still hurt a little from all that BRMC.
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Anonymous Anonymous @ 5/10/2004 04:53:00 AM:

from robot blair @ 04.29.04 - 11:41 am

sounds like a good show - i know radio 4 is solid live, how about the fever?    

Blogger mr gilbert @ 5/10/2004 04:54:00 AM:

04.29.04 - 12:02 pm

the fever kicked ass. i spoke to a number of people who were there to see R4 but hadn't heard of the Fever, but were surprised & impressed. it's very appropriate that these two are touring together - same target audience. the Fever are R4's more punkish, more stylish cousin (imo).    

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