i know black people

This is so offensive I can barely sit still. Over at Dubya's official campaign site, there are various photo galleries, including one entitled "national security" that features President Bush w/troops, flags, & army jackets. While that one is just plain stupid, there's also an appalling gallery called "compassion", which shows George W. Bush with black people. "Oh look, he spends time w/minorities - he's so compassionate!!" I can't believe people fall for this bullsh**. I want to puke.

My home state is disgraced w/the President's presence today, where Bush will be eating lunch in the upscale suburb of Edina, MN. Don't choke on the cake, George.
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Anonymous Anonymous @ 5/10/2004 05:02:00 AM:

from Caley Middleton @ 04.26.04 - 7:41 pm

Come on, he looks so natural...I like the expression of the guy on the left, he's probably going "Did he just call me "boy?"    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 5/10/2004 05:03:00 AM:

04.26.04 - 7:54 pm

Ever look into the origins of neoconservative ideology? It's frightening with a capital F.

Check it out @ my blog and let me know if it makes any sense at all (my text, not the neocon ideology).

Jeremy Brendan    

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