claiming the west for the sake of manifest destiny

Kevin Garnett (left) & Latrell Sprewell (right) look on as Sam Cassell (center)
clowns around on the bench in the final minutes of their win over Memphis.
AP Photo/Matthew Craig

In their final regular season game, the Minnesota Timberwolves clinched the #1 seed in the wild wild western conference with a 107-90 rout of the Memphis Grizzlies. As has been noted at nauseum, the Wolves have yet to make it out of the first round in their team history - but that should change this season w/the addition of playoff vets Sam Cassell, Latrell Sprewell, and even head cheerleader Mark Madsen to support soon-to-be-MVP Kevin Garnett, the Big Ticket himself, on his quest for a title. The Wolves will play host to rookie sensation Carmelo Anthony & #8 seed Denver this Sunday (4/18) for game one of that series.

rock out @ the entry tonite

Tonight the 7th Street Entry @ First Avenue hosts a double bill of NYC rockers stellastarr* and Vegas upstarts The Killers that should provide for an entertaining evening (I'll gladly skip The Apprentice finale). So here's a couple stellastarr* tunes off of their self-titled LP:

MP3 stellastarr* - "My Coco"
MP3 stellastarr* - "Jenny"

I would have posted The Killers' new single "Somebody Told Me," but the iTunes store accidentally gave me George Michael's live version of "Somebody To Love" instead & I'm still waiting for the Apple support folks to get back to me. As you might imagine, I am not happy. So instead, here's the streaming music video of the Killers song:

The Killers - "Somebody Told Me" video hi-res WMV lo-res WMV hi-res RM lo-res RM
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