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While I've had it for months, the Kids in the Hall Season 1 DVD comes out today in stores & everybody should go out & buy it. Do I even need to explain why? Okay.

First year highlights include: the bass player, the Daves I know, sketch comedy - what is it?, Citizen Kane, what's with all the hoopla?, Premise Beach, Running Faggot, nobody home, & I could go on & on & on...

I will be picking up the new ER Season 2 DVD set today, because I've developed into an ER-junkie over the years. Despite my best (if you can call them that) efforts, I just can't get myself off of the skag. Save me, Doctor Carter!
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Anonymous Anonymous @ 5/10/2004 04:58:00 AM:

from robot blair @ 04.29.04 - 11:40 am

man, i love - love - the kids in the hall... i always wondered why it hadn't come out on DVD yet - awesome!    

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