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Sorry for the lack of postings during the last few days. I've just gotten a whole bunch of new music that I have yet to plow through, so I need a little time to get back up to speed. In the meantime, here are some live tunes by NYC's The Strokes (who include yet another former NYU film rocker) to coincide w/Sunday's gig @ First Avenue, which I will be attending w/Rachel, JRDN, and Evan (I think). Good times are expected...

MP3 The Strokes - "Ze Newie (Between Love & Hate)" (live)
This is an early version of what became "Between Love & Hate" on 2003's Room on Fire. I heard a similar version when I saw them play Radio City back in August of 2002. It had no title back then, so they just called it "Ze Newie" at the time.

MP3 The Strokes - "SOMA" (live)
This is a fairly straightforward live version of "SOMA," just another great track from the now classic 2001 debut, Is This It? On an only slighty unrelated topic, I managed to read Brave New World during high school and recall enjoying it quite a bit. Huxley, you mad genius!

MP3 The Strokes - "In Her Prime" (live)
MP3 The Strokes - "Rhythm Song" (live)
Here are two raw-sounding, unreleased Strokes songs that you're unlikely to hear in concert. I have no idea where or when I found these tracks, but I found them nonetheless. BTW: If I am mistaken & these are actually cover songs, please feel free to let me know. I don't mind standing corrected - it helps to straighten out my back.
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