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Tonite, I will be in attendance for game 2 of Wolves/Nuggets here in Mpls. But for all my New Yorkers out there, I strongly suggest you head out to ye ole Tribeca Rock Club for a battle of the bands: Jersey's RANA vs Colorado's Rose Hill Drive. Here's the lowdown:

Wednesday, April 21
Tribeca Rock Club
16 Warren Street, NYC
$12, ages 18+

7:30pm - RANA
8:30pm - Rose Hill Drive
9:45pm - RANA

According to TRC's website, "This is going to be a night of 100% shameless rock and roll and rock again. The RANA WRAPAROUND ROCK SANDWICH will begin with a set from RANA at 7:30 PM, followed by a set from Rose Hill Drive at 8:30 PM, then another long kick-ass set from RANA starting at 10:00 PM. Put on your seat belts, kids, this is going to be a wild ride!" The last RANA event @ TRC has already garnered legendary status - so do not miss this show!

MP3 RANA - "Backstage Pass"
This is an old school RANA tune, written back in 2000 (correct me if I'm wrong) during the Fourteen Ways to Sink a Penny sessions & included on the Your Brain Will Change EP (2001). You will usually hear this song closing out a particularly rawkin' set - it's notorious for being played at the end of RANA's most revered shows. It's a testament to the rock 'n' roll grind & a tongue-in-cheek (correct me if I'm wrong) comment on tourbus groupies. A classic.

BTW: RANA just got burgled while out in CA, so do me a favor & lend them your support. It would also be nice if you'd buy 'em a round, eh?
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