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I did not have the pleasure/honor of attending the first Pixies reunion gig @ the Fine Line this past Tuesday, but I have gotten my hands on the SBD ("soundboard" for the uninitiated) recording of the show. Above is the hand-written setlist, and here are the first two songs performed by the lords of indie rock in 12 years:

MP3 Pixies - "Bone Machine" (live 4/13/04)
MP3 Pixies - "Wave of Mutilation" (live 4/13/04)

i am mr brightside

I corrected yesterday's post, but I'd like to reiterate that The Killers, despite their British-based website, are not from jolly-ol' England. No, they hail from sin city itself - Las Vegas NV USA - and I expect that you'll be hearing more about these guys, especially after their LP drops this summer. They only played a short set last nite, but they were pretty darn impressive. While solid, stellastarr* was kind of a let down afterwards IMO. Still, good times were had...
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