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MOV The Shins on Gilmore Girls - "So Says I" (12.1mb)

In case you missed it because you were gawking @ Bush last nite, here's a clip of The Shins from Gilmore Girls. You can make out the opening strands of "The Laws Have Changed" MP3 by the New Pornographers - another one of my top ten singles of 2003 - playing in the background after "So Says I" MP3. This should tell you a lot about this show's quality taste in music, which I tend to agree with if I wasn't being clear. Also, Lauren Graham is very funny, which helps.

Oh, and here are some more music video links!

The New Pornographers - "The Laws Have Changed" video MOV (26.6mb) 56k RM hi-speed RM
The Shins - "So Says I" video hi-res MOV (15.3mb) lo-res MOV (2.2mb)
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