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The good folks over at Sub Pop records, who are kindly hosting one of today's tracks, have just re-released the debut self-titled album by Guelph, Ontario's The Constantines. The disc, originally released by Three Gut Records back in 2001, has only been available north of the border in Canada until now. Highly recommended for those who came to rock.

MP3 The Constantines - "Arizona"
When I last posted about the band back in April, I hosted this song. While I don't like to post a track more than once, I guess I don't mind it so much when it's not taking up space on my .mac account. It also helps that "Arizona," the leadoff track from The Constantines, is sweet post-punk goodness. "We want the death of rock 'n' roll!" Well, not really.

MP3 The Constantines - "The Long Distance Four"
"Let the Parisian crowd stand in shock" may be one of the best opening lines for a song that I've ever heard. This is a more mellow Constantines song, and perhaps a pre-cursor to the lovely "On To You" (see "more downloads" below) from their sophomore record.

MP3 The Constantines - "Young Offenders"
When JRDN & I saw these guys open for fellow Canucks The Weakerthans (who were purely mediocre IMO) last fall, this song was one of that set's highlights. I got chills when frontman Bryan Webb was belting out, "CAN I GET A WITNESS?!?" over & over & over. Yowza.

There are a couple more downloads from last year's incredible Shine A Light cd avaiable through Sub Pop, and they're worth checking out.

and we are going to be fair

Have you heard about all these nonsensical accusations against Democratic pesidential nominee John Kerry being made by a group calling themselves Swift Boat Veterans For Truth? Well, I'll let Jon Stewart explain it for you in a clip from Monday's episode of his award-winning The Daily Show:

WMV The Daily Show - "Vet Offensive" 8/9/04

As I've been doing my best to rest off an illness leftover from the weekend, I've been keeping some strange hours. This has gotten me up early enough to listen to Morning Sedition, the "liberal" talk radio show streaming on Air America Radio from 5am-8am CT. Hosted by NYC radio vet Mark Riley & comedian Marc Maron, it might just be my favorite show on the network. This week, they've been airing this satirical (and silly) ad mocking the smear campaign by SBVFT, which I cannot stop laughing at:

MP3 Morning Sedition - "Swift Boat Vets For Truth spot #2"

For those who are interested, Air America Place is a site that hosts mp3 archives of many of AAR's programs. Some of the shows have their (very repetitive) ads edited out, though Morning Sedition isn't one of them. AAR is also streaming some material from their website, including WMA this clip of Marc & Mark discussing the swift boat vets issue, which also features full audio of the original (and real) accusatory ad.
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Anonymous Anonymous @ 8/16/2004 03:33:00 PM:

All politicians deceive and spin, but this guy Kerry is a total fraud. Think about it! It really doesn't matter who finances an add, whether or not those critical of him were in the boat or near the boat. What matters is they knew him, knew him well and so many of them were of the same opinion and reached the same sad sorry conclusion. With such sick, demented politicians running on both sides of the political spectrum this great country of ours is in deep, deep trouble. We are going to lose big time. Our enemy knows us better than we know ourselves!    

Blogger mr gilbert @ 8/16/2004 05:14:00 PM:

yo, "anonymous" - relax.

also, there is a decent reason why these vets who claim to "know" Kerry are coming out against him, namely his anti-war activitism after returning from 'nam. everybody has an agenda, folks.    

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