assorted nuggets for a saturday

Unable to sleep, I was snooping around Ted Leo's website this morning and I fortuitously stumbled across what appears to be cover artwork for his upcoming Shake The Sheets album (which I discussed earlier this week), due out 10/19/04. If you haven't already, get your ass over to the Lookout Records site & download the disc's fantastic leadoff track, "Me and Mia." It also seems to be available through the good folks over at better Propaganda. And if you want, click here to see a hi-res version of the above graphic.

Kilby reminds Jennifer Love Hewitt that she went out w/Carson Daly.

In other late nite news, Craig Kilborn is apparently calling it quits as host of his (and our) Late Late Show, which is kinda sad for yours truly. While I haven't watched his show much lately, I've really enjoyed it a lot over the past couple of years. As much of Conan's bits have gotten stale over the years (is her still doing "In The Year 2000"?), I chose instead to tune into Craiggers for his cocky sense of humor & the odd (yet hilarious) style of his show. Yeah, he always laid it on thick with the ladies, but he was an underrated interviewer. I liked that he didn't lay on the bullsh** & fawn over his guests like many of his counterparts, and his "5 Questions" segment (carried over from his Daily Show days) was effective in throwing curveballs at celebrities & making them come up with some sort of answer (be it smart, funny, or outrageously stupid). He often had the best indie acts as musical guests, and his favorite basketball player was/is KG - my kinda guy. I will miss his show, & I wonder what he's going to do after he wraps it up next month. I hope we hear from him again sooner than later.

This game will take us all yet another step closer toward hitting bottom.

Yesterday, information leafblower tipped me off about an upcoming Fight Club video game, which is just a horrendous idea. Now I was completely obsessed with Fight Club back when in 1999, and it's still one of my favorite flicks. Ironically, the game's website has a forum filled with people ripping on the game - not because they've played it, but simply because its existance is downright vile in relation to what the film/book stands for. Ugh.

Lastly, in other video game-related news, I broke down & picked up Madden 2005 for my PS2. Over at, the Sports Guy thinks the game should have its own holiday. And with that, I've got to get back to finishing off the Packers. Enjoy the weekend & thanks for wasting your time w/me.

ETA: I have almost zero interest in the Olympics, & strangely I feel a little guilty about that. Do I hate America? Do I hate freedom?
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Kilborn teaming with Caruso, Long for Next Project.    

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