big pimpin, smokin' weed

Nope, you aren't seeing things. I guess it's 99 problems, but Trey ain't one.

Last weekend, Vermont's jam legends Phish began what has been announced as their final tour together w/back-to-back nites on Coney Island, NYC. The 2nd show apparently featured a guest appearance from NYC-native, Beyoncé-lover, & current reigning king of hip-hop Jay-Z, who used Trey & Co. as his back-up band on renditions of "99 Problems" & "Big Pimpin". Bizarre? I'd say so, but Phish have done much weirder during their long & storied career on the road.

For the Jay-Z completists or the randomly curious out there, downloads from the show are already available for purchase over at the Live Phish website. I suppose it shouldn't be long now before somebody takes the Jay-Z construction set & combines it with Phish's A Picture of Nectar for yet another remix album. I can't think of a decent name for it, so I'm not going to even try. Any suggestions?

I'll try to post some new music and/or perhaps a belated weekend update sometime today. Thanks for your patience - you're all solid gold dancers.
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