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After nearly a week-long absence, I am back with "Track 2 Thursday" - featuring the second tracks from two of this week's finest new releases...

MP3 The Fiery Furnaces - "Straight Street"
Like many others, I too am on the Blueberry Boat bandwagon. The sophomore release from NYC's The Fiery Furnaces is a doozy, with marathon songs that chew up your great aunt's song structure & spits it back out onto your dinner plate. After the epic, 10+ minute "Quay Cur" that opens the record, "Straight Street" is actually one of the album's more straightforward (no pun intended) songs. From what I can tell from skimming the lyric sheet (thankfully included in the liner notes), it seems to be about overhearing business conversations while taking tea at a computer cafe...intriguing. The Furnaces have completely overhauled their formerly simplistic website, which now looks a lot like this nicely designed fansite. Hint: It's the color scheme.

On a completely unrelated note, I am suddenly reminded of shooting one of Joe Blink's movies over on Gay Street in the Village (NYC) way back when in winter/spring 2000. Ah, the memories...

MP3 The Roots (featuring Dom) - "I Don't Care"
When I wasn't listening the Interpol's Antics this week, I did find the time to spin the new LP from The Roots crew, The Tipping Point, more than once or twice. This album is a much more concise & traditional effort than 2002's Phrenology, and thus far I've been digging it. Now I'm not the hip hop afficionado that my pal JRDN is, but as the song says, "I don't care." This track 2 follows the extended, soulful opener "Star/Pointro" - which I thought about posting, but decided against after coming up with this bullsh** theme for the day. Still, I think this is a pretty solid track.

Update: Pitchfork doesn't think much of The Tipping Point today.

andrew is a funny name

The three funniest individuals I have ever met are all named Andrew. Okay, two of them go by "Andy" - but you get the point. Well, I stumbled across a website for one of these fellows, Andy "Ardy" Samberg, and his friends - who call themselves The Lonely Island. They have a bunch of funny videos & stuff archived on the site, though IMO none of it beats Andy's The Jew-Run Media, a mish-mosh of sketchs & shorts that he put together at the end of his NYU Film career. Andy & his crew also have a show up at Channel 101 called The 'Bu that also features (sometimes) Scrubs star Sarah Chalke. There's plenty of other amusing stuff to check out over at Channel 101 (including some Jack Black material), so stop by when you have a moment.

BTW: Andy "Boom Boom" Knauer & Andrew Zidel are some also funny muthafu**as. If you know either one of them, make him tell you a joke. You won't be sorry. On second thought, don't do that. It's rude to put them on the spot like that. But say hello for me if you get a chance.

Bobby says, "Same to you, Mr. President." (note: Bob Weir didn't actually say that)

This is hi-freakin-larious. George W. Bush was out on the campaign trail in Pennsylvania last week (probably not too far from my pal Angie), where recent high school grads Ian Long, Adam Stanley & Brendan McNamara were ready to protest him. According to these guys (and supposedly some innocent bystanders), they allegedly got the "bird" from Dubya. You can read up about the "incident" over at the Live Journal of one of the guys, who apparently was on Wednesday's Al Franken Show to tell his story. I missed it, but hopefully the show will be available soon over at the Air America archive. The Bushies just continue to lose their cool, I guess.

frisch comes alive

Here are details for tonite's Flip Frisch live acoustic show here in Mpls, direct from your program director (and mine) Kimmy G:

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to invite you all to come and check out the one and only Flip Frisch playing live at the New Dehli Bar and Restaurant next Thursday night, 7/15.  I believe it’s a 9:30pm show [...] Here’s the address – the bar is located on Eat Street:

New Delhi Bar and Restaurant
1400 Nicollet Ave St
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Hope to see you there!  And PLEASE spread the word!!!

Kimmy likes exclamation points - and rightly so.
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Blogger Mitchell - Crumrine @ 7/16/2004 11:10:00 AM:

"George W. Bush was out on the campaign trail in Pennsylvania last week (probably not too far from my pal Angie)"

--My mayor is billing W and Rove. Bush rung up a hefty security tab and severly overworked our police(we only have about 2 or 3 but that's another issue). The ironic thing, if you watch the tape of his speech, everyone is WASPy. The City of York is composed of mostly african americans and latinos. The cameras never showed the minorities and women protesting outside. It's us city folk that have to fit the bill for the security even though we weren't invited to the event in OUR city. The 10,000 people at the rally were from the suburbs and county and don't have to put up a dime. Just another way W's screwed us.    

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