waitin' on a subway line

MP3 The Walkmen - "Thinking of a Dream I Had"
I think about moving back to NYC all the time, but this song (hell, the whole Bows + Arrows album) really makes me nostalgic for ol' New York. I am reminded of times past, waiting on the NYC subway platform, listening to my iPod, being annoyed as the express train kicks up air/dust as it goes roaring by - just me making my way through the city. Sigh...I miss mass transit. While I've been back east a number of times (most recently for new year's eve), it's been nearly two years since I left...holy crap, it's been two years since I left! Anyway, I've been listening to this song on repeat a lot over the last several days.

MP3 Franz Ferdinand - "Jacqueline"
Last nite, mr rosen suggested that things are always better on vacation. Glasgow rockers Franz Ferdinand, whose self-titled LP (of which this is the first track) will be on many top ten lists come December, seem to agree.
| beantown, here she comes »
| dance to the underground »
| 30 helens agree »
| i know black people »
| why would a banana grab another banana? »
| tried it once & they liked it »
| rock & roll, every nite »
| we want the death of rock 'n' roll »
| waiting for a signal or a sound »

Anonymous Anonymous @ 5/10/2004 04:51:00 AM:

from juhi @ 05.03.04 - 12:14 pm

new york misses you too mr. g!    

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