bush a threat to...disneyworld?

While filmmaker/author Michael Moore's new documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 is headed into competition in this month's Cannes film festival, its North American distribution is apparently being blocked by the bigwigs over @ Disney, parent company of the film's distributor Miramax. Page one of today's New York Times is reporting that the Mouse House's rational for preventing the film's American release has to do w/tax breaks for its theme parks & other interests in Florida, where brother Jeb rules supreme. Can you believe this sh**?!?

It will have to be seen if any of this nonsense will really keep people from seeing Fahrenheit 9/11, the follow-up to Moore's Oscar-winning Bowling For Columbine, but I could see how this may simply garner more attention, press & hype for the film, which was initially scheduled to enter theaters this summer to capitalize on the election-year political climate. And knowing Moore, he'll just make a huge fuss over the whole censorship issue & make it even more of a "must-see" movie (read his brief statement @ his website). Perhaps such potential demand (& potential box office) will convince Miramax to look elsewhere for a distributor, so that audiences can see the film before this fall's election.

First Clear Channel fires Howard Stern, then Sinclair Broadcasting refuses to air Nightline, and now this bullsh**...what the f**k is happening in this country?!?
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Anonymous Anonymous @ 5/10/2004 04:36:00 AM:

from bidi @ 05.06.04 - 11:26 am

hah, and the u.s. prides itself in the allowance of free speech.

but what more can one expect when our attorney general didn't even allow dancing at his inaugural banquet. oh, and was involved with the kkk in the past and opposed desgregation in his home state.

and the fact that the big whigs behind clear channel are our current habitants of the white house certainly doesn't help. blah    

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