hot soft spots on a hard rock planet

MOV Frank Miller's Sin City - Trailer #2 (27.4mb)

Another flick I'm really, really looking forward to is Robert Rodriguez's adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novels, the stylish & star-studded Sin City. While this new trailer may not be quite as intriguing as the previous teaser, it's still pretty damn cool. April 1st can't come soon enough.

ETA (3/17/05): Apple also has the new trailer, and in multiple sizes.

Becky (Alexis Bledel of Gilmore Girls) has quite possibly the bluest eyes ever.

MP3 United State of Electronica - "Night Shift"
My pal Rachel & I should be getting down at the Triple Rock tonite to the twee-electro-pop grooves of the unfortunately-named Seattle party band United State of Electronica (w/support from Aqueduct & locals Melodious Owl). As is often the case, I was turned on to U.S.E. by Matt Fluxblog, who has raved about them on four separate occasions. So I'm expecting a very good time for my seven dollars. This track, off last year's self-titled debut, is more low-key than the rest of the fairly joyous album, featuring some odd tongue-in-cheek (?) rapping about working late nite security from drummer Jon e. Rock along with plaintive, vocoder-filtered vocals from keyboardist Noah Star Weaver at the chorus. But what keeps me coming back to this song are the sultry female harmonies from Amanda Okonek & Carly Jean Nicklaus, particularly the repeated "Night shift baby, night shift darling" verse toward the end that just begs for audience participation (check this MOV poorly shot video [10.7mb] as evidence). For more U.S.E. goodness, stop by See You in the Pit, an excellent mp3 blog dedicated to artists performing at this year's South By Southwest festival in Austin, TX.

MP3 The Hold Steady - "Most People Are DJs"
Tomorrow nite, I will be venturing back to the Triple Rock w/JRDN (who will also be hitting Andrew Bird at the Varsity beforehand) to catch Brooklyn's (by way of Mpls) The Hold Steady on their first show of a two nite run (Friday's show is sold out, btw). It's been nearly a year since I saw them last, right around the time their outstanding debut album Almost Killed Me dropped. Former Lifter Puller frontman Craig Finn certainly has a way with words, and I'm particularly fond of some of the lyrics in this song:
I was a teenage ice machine
I kept it cool in coolers & I drank until I dreamed
When I dreamed, I always dreamed about the scene
All these kids look like little lambs looking up at me
I was a Twin Cities trash bin, I did everything they'd give me
I'd jam it into my system
She got me cornered in by kitchen, I said I'll do anything but listen
To some weird talking chick who just can't understand
That we're hot soft spots on a hard rock planet

Baby take off your beret
Everyone's a critic & most people are DJs
And everything gets played


A thousand kids will fall in love in all these clubs tonight
A thousand other kids will end up gushing blood tonight
Two thousand kids won't get all that much sleep tonight
Two thousand kids they still feel pretty sweet tonight
Yeah, I still feel pretty sweet

I just love Finn's wonderfully verbose take on the indie rock scene, not to mention all the wannabe critics & DJs among us mp3 bloggers. The Hold Steady are apparently also heading down to SXSW, since there's also a post for them over at SYITP. The band's sophomore album, Separation Sunday, drops May 3rd on French Kiss. BTW: This song ends suddenly during its lengthy guitar solo, as it goes directly into the next song on the disc.

MP3 Tom Waits - "Big Black Mariah"
It's Wednesday, so this is Tom Waits. From 1985's Rain Dogs. Enjoy.

Clap Clap has a pretty amazing, albeit lengthy & kinda technical, post that thoroughly breaks down Maya Arulpragasam's self-titled hidden track "M.I.A. (Pop)" from the forthcoming Arular LP (and Zoilus likes what he reads). In case you missed it, Arular will be in stores on March 22nd, just a month later than originally scheduled, according to Pitchfork and Billboard.

There have been a couple updates to Monday's post, if you're interested.
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