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My apologies for the blog being so quiet of late. I just haven't had much that I felt like posting about recently, what with the chilly January doldrums & my generally boring existence & all. I'll try to do a little better, okay?

Patriots middle linebacker Tedy Bruschi was my pick for MVP. How cute are his kids?

Super Bowl, whoop-dee-doo. I watched the big game over at my friends Roni & Mike's place, where our small gathering of peeps stuffed ourselves silly & enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. I was even sent home with a home-baked loaf of challah bread. How 'bout that? My congrats to the Pats & all my Boston-native pals out there on their dynasty-installing win. After three NFL titles in four years & last fall's Red Sox exorcism, the city of Boston has little to complain about for quite a while, at least sports-wise. Despite what ESPN's the Sports Guy says, eventually it does get a little old.

Condolences to my old buddy Andy & all the other Philly fans out there.

MP3 Of Montreal - "Requiem For O.M.M.2"
This is the lead-off track from the latest album from the prolific Kevin Barnes & his Athens, GA outfit Of Montreal. The new disc, entitled The Sunlandic Twins, follows up last year's sublime Satanic Panic in the Attic LP nicely, with plenty of psych-pop hooks & blissed-out melodies to go around. I'm particularly fond of the use of cowbell in this song. The Sunlandic Twins is scheduled to drop stateside on April 12th via Polyvinyl records. For more Of Montreal goodness, check out the audio lounge at the band's website.

MP3 Feist - "When I Was A Young Girl"
At long last, Toronto singer-songwriter Leslie Feist will finally be getting a US release of her 2004 cd Let It Die on April 5th, nearly a year after its initial Canadian release via Arts & Crafts. According to a January profile by the Toronto Star (via Largehearted Boy), the Broken Social Scene vocalist will be getting a big promotional push by Universal that included a song used in a December episode (scroll down) of The O.C.. With her indie cred & Let It Die being an album any soccer mom could love, Feist may well stumble into crossover territory, a sorta pop Norah Jones. Hey, more power to her. This atmospheric & handclap-filled folk track, a traditional listed as "inspired by Texas Gladden" in the liner notes, is one of my favorites from Let It Die.

Finally got around to seeing The Aviator over the weekend w/the Rosens. Good stuff. Scorsese was in good form, if a little detached. DiCap was damn solid & Cate Blanchett was just divine. If it wins awards, I won't be upset.
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