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After a two week absence, last nite we got a hilarious double dose of TV's best comedy, Arrested Development. Guest spots included Amy Poehler reprising her role as G.O.B.'s unnamed wife, the lovely Christine Taylor as Sally Sitwell, Mr. Show vets Jay Johnston & Jerry Minor as a pair of adoptive gay cops, the return of Julia Louis-Dreyfus as scheming Maggie Lizer (ass off), and of course the brilliant Henry Winkler as spankin' Barry Zuckercorn (he's very good). And who could have predicted what happened to Buster? Holy crap! How could anybody possibly cancel such sheer genius?

ATTN Boston folk: Drop by Bill's Bar tonite to catch a free performance by RANA as part of a showcase for TVT Records (w/headliners The Blue Van). RANA goes on at 7:30pm ET sharp, so don't be late. RANA will also be hitting the road with Brooklyn's Sam Champion later this week, dropping the rawk on Philadephia (3/9), Cleveland (3/11), Columbus, OH (3/12), Evansville (3/13), Memphis (3/14), Fayetteville, AK (3/15) and Charlottesville, VA (3/24). If they're comin' to your town, don't miss out.

ETA (3/8/05): My apologies to anybody who showed up on time to Bill's Bar in Boston last nite & sat through several crappy bands. Apparently the RANA boys had some van trouble & went on last (around 11pm), if at all.

Update: Matt has a %@$!&! recap of the band's unfortunate voyage.

MP3 RANA - "Replacements" (Live @ Tribeca Rock Club 2/3/05)
RANA just finished laying down tracks for an upcoming EP at Sound of Music in Richmond, and I hope that this new tune was among them. Inspired by the 'Mats & barrowing a riff from guru Chris Harford, "Replacements" was first heard as a sparse Garageband demo on keyboardist Matt "Durant" Trowbridge's blog back in January. Now it's been given full band treatment, and I am just gaga over the results. Durant takes an optimistic view of growing up, looking forward to being taken more seriously as an adult, while still remaining wistful about youth, name-checking RANA pals Jersey Dan & Johnny (Beach, I assume) along the way. And it's damn catchy, too.

MP3 RANA - "Anton" (Live @ Tribeca Rock Club 2/3/05)
This slow-burner is another song that debuted as one of Durant's blog demos. It was written during a "blue" period Matt experienced after seeing DiG! last year. I saw the film around the same time, and also felt an odd kinda melancholy after watching Brian Jonestown Massacre frontman Anton Newcombe hem & haw & freak out & fall apart, over & over & over. I just found it so sad. The filled-out RANA version of "Anton" is full of strained emotions & "Cortez The Killer" style guitar work, and I think it captures some of Newcombe's desperate madness. Both of these tracks are from a gigantic two set RANA event at NYC's Tribeca Rock Club on February 3rd of this year, the full recording of which is available at Rockslide.

I know it's been already blogged about plenty elsewhere, but I'd still like to echo Pregnant Without Intercourse's frustration & disappointment with the closing down of CBC Radio 3. I only found the Canadian online music magazine a couple months ago, and I was immediately impressed by its dynamic design, beautiful photography, wonderful in-studio performances & insightful writing. I'll be truly sorry to see it go. FWIW, PWI's Fat Citizen has drafted an open letter to CBC president Robert Rabinovitch.

ETA (3/9/05): Carl Wilson chimes in with his thoughts on the matter.

Lastly, Kathryn Yu has the right idea. She's offering ten bucks for anybody with a recording of Ted Leo's live cover of Kelly Clarkson's Since U Been Gone that he's been doing on some of the Pharmacists' west coast tour dates. I don't know if I'd actually offer money, but I'm dying to hear it just the same. If only Ted had bothered to record it during the recent Sharkbite Sessions he did for Apple (heads up via ILB), we wouldn't have to beg.

ETA (3/9/05): Stereogum saves the day! Watch the video over at UGO.

MP3 Ted Leo - "Since U Been Gone/Maps" (courtesy Kathryn Yu)

Here is a Stereogum MP3 mirror & there are more songs @ Timorous Me. Oh look, Music For Robots has got it too. The t-shirt fits great, btw guys.
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| everybody knows it's me, ted hitler »
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