the only man i can trust right now

Tony is back as of last nite's 24, and he's got his first season "hairstyle" if you can believe it. I have to agree with Chromewaves - just how did Tony get to Jack in like ten minutes? Events occur in real time my ass, Kiefer.

MP3 Spoon - "Something To Look Forward To"
Tony may be the only person Jack Bauer can trust, but I think it's safe to put your trust in Britt Daniel. As Pitchfork reported today, Daniel & his band Spoon (last seen back in June '04 & who can just about do no wrong) will release their next album Gimme Fiction on May 10 - just in time for the season finale of The O.C. It's been a while since 2002's fabulous Kill The Moonlight, and I, for one, cannot wait. Here's the long-awaited tracklist:

01 The Beast & Dragon, Adored
02 The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine
03 I Turn My Camera On
04 My Mathematical Mind
05 The Delicate Place
06 Sister Jack
07 I Summon You
08 The Infinite Pet
09 Was It You?
10 They Never Got You
11 Merchants of Soul

Cheesy as it is, this gives me something to look forward to.

ETA (2/2/05): Malkmus. Face The Truth. May 24. Heads up. Ka-blamo.

MP3 M.I.A. - "Amazon"
Yes, yes, yes. I too have happily jumped on the M.I.A. bandwagon. Genre-hopping Sri Lankan-born Londoner Maya Arulpragasam (aka M.I.A.) has become a favorite of Fluxblog (who has posted about her on four separate occasions), Catchdubs & much of the bloggerati over the past year, and her proper debut LP Arular is finally dropping stateside on February 22. And it's freakin' great. This track caught my attention in particular on last fall's Diplo mixtape Piracy Funds Terrorism, Vol. 1, and I think I like the Arular version even better. Pitchfork reported that a second M.I.A. mixtape was in the works, but I've heard nothing further. Sasha Frere-Jones wrote a profile on M.I.A. for The New Yorker back in November that's worth perusing.

This gal is gonna be freakin' huge. ETA: EJ from Scenestars agrees.

MP3 M.I.A. - "Amazon (Diplo mix)" via boom selection

If you haven't seen the wild music video for MOV "Galang" (17.7mb) yet, you've been missing out. It was directed by Ruben Fleischer, who has a bunch of other great videos (including Dizzee Rascal) up at his site.

ETA (2/6/05): Carl Wilson saw M.I.A. in Toronto & has a nice write-up. Fellow canadian pop (all love) has a long interview w/Maya & Brooklyn Vegan checks in with photos from her Knitting Factory NYC appearance.

Don't forget to catch The Arcade Fire on Conan tonite (via Daily Refill).
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Blogger mr gilbert @ 2/01/2005 01:12:00 PM:

apologies for the broken link on the spoon mp3 (.mac glitch). it's fixed.    

Blogger Scotto @ 2/04/2005 06:12:00 PM:

shit man, suppose i should get around to netflixing season 3 if you're going to be dropping 24 news like that. i mean, tony's hair - THAT IS A SPOILER!!


Blogger alias420 @ 2/12/2005 10:11:00 PM:

Please post Piracy fund terrorism in mp3s tia!    

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