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It's a Friday grab-bag, people. Free-associate with me, now...

Even the widdle kiddies love The Arcade Fire. And what's not to love, huh?

That's right, folks! It's another obligatory weekly Arcade Fire reference! Kyle at More Cowbell tipped me to an appearance by every blogger's favorite Montreal indie "buzz" band on the children's web show Pancake Mountain. There's a one minute video excerpt of Win, Regine & company performing "Wake Up" with a group of kids at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. Past guests on Pancake Mountain include Scissor Sisters, who were interviewed by a puppet (who takes a pot shot at Ashlee Simpson, btw) and The Fiery Furnaces, who lead the PM kids in an interactive performance of "Mouse House" that is utterly brilliant. For more Arcade Fire-related goodies, head over to bradley's almanac to check out a new video for "Wake Up" directed by Phil Ohs, and Pitchfork has a lengthy interview with frontman Win Butler by Ryan Schreiber on the six month anniversary of the release of Funeral.

Pitchfork also reported that the M.I.A. debut LP Arular, scheduled to drop this coming Tuesday (2/22), has been delayed indefinitely. Dammit.

WMV The Daily Show (2/16/05) - Stephen Colbert on bloggers (19.5mb)

I had been looking forward to seeing The Daily Show's take on the whole bizarre Gannon/Guckert fiasco (not work-safe), which broke while Jon Stewart & crew had last week off. I tuned in Wednesday nite to catch Stewart discussing the political bloggers' role in busting the story open, name-dropping Daily Kos and others along the way. Stephen Colbert calls out Atrios (happy b-day) during the particularly hilarious interview segment featured above, which was originally posted at United Left but was taken down due to bandwidth limitations. I hope they don't mind my repost.

ETA: Chuck over at Blogumentary has video of the full opening segment.

Last nite's O.C. - great music (Stars, KoC, Air, Lali Puna), lousy episode.

I appreciate all the great feedback from my Valentines Day write-up (I ♥ comments), and since I don't really have anything I've been itching to post music-wise, here are a few solid leftover tunes about heartbreak etc:

MP3 The Shins - "Kissing The Lipless"
Nothing new here, but hot damn is this still an amazing song. The lead-off track from The Shins' 2003 sophomore album Chutes Too Narrow always hits a little close to home with me, as I have unfortunately been on the other side of the song's narrator in the past, with disasterous consequences. This mp3, which I have linked to previously, comes courtesy of Sub Pop.

MP3 The Wrens - "She Sends Kisses"
This is another classic indie rock gem from The Wrens' 2003 (don't call it a) comeback LP, The Meadowlands. As Seth Cohen might say, this song is more about active agonizing than mere wallowing, as its heart-wrenching lyrics will attest to. Intense, bitter, horribly emotional. So friggin' great.

MP3 The Russian Futurists - "Your Big Brown Eyes & My Big Broke Heart"
While I would be happy never to hear that over-played Van Morrison song again, I have to admit that there is something about a brown-eyed girl. And while this song's lyrics sorta go all over the place, I like to think that it's somewhat representative of how love can be all-encompassing at times. This lovely bit of lap-pop comes from Matthew Adam Hart, aka The Russuan Futurists, who I featured in May of last year. Hart's new album, entitled Our Thickness, comes out May 3rd on Toronto's Upper Class records, who also provide this mp3. This track is off 2001's The Method of Modern Love LP.
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Anonymous Anonymous @ 2/19/2005 01:45:00 PM:

re: kissing the lipless, james mercer really has a tendency toward and a talent for bitterness (almost reminds me of elvis costello at times). think about "celibate life" on oh, inverted world as well as a large chunk of chutes too narrow. something about that just appeals to me.    

Blogger Jim H @ 2/21/2005 08:43:00 AM:

The whole indie kiddy show thing is geting more and more lucrative since it brings all those indie-fan parents out and they don't have to hire a babysitter. The question bands will increasingly will ask isn't whether the venue is all ages but whether they can put on a toddler show in the afternoon.    

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