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Jason Bateman of Arrested Development, humble in victory (x 3). Photos: WireImage

Golden Globes, yawn. At least Bateman won. There is further Globes commentary & other cinematic shenanigans over at The Conversation, a blogging alternative to Slate's "Movie Club" that I stumbled on last nite.

Also, the Vikes lost. Season over. Ain't no big surprise.

MP3 LCD Soundsystem - "On Repeat"
I know, I know. Broken record. Or rather, in this age-of-iPod, "On Repeat". Yes, it's another eight minute track from LCD Soundsystem, who I just can't seem to shut up about. I keep returning to the self-titled LP, like I can't help it. It's been practically the default position on my iPod over the past several weeks. Perhaps I'm drawn to James Murphy's "I'm on Sudafed" vocal delivery, or maybe I'm just intrigued by the way he pronounces everything with an extra syllable ("on repeat-duh"). I haven't been able to make out all of the lyrics yet, but I do love this freak out towards the end:
I wish I could complain more about the rich,
but then all their children run the streets,
come to every show. No one wants that!

I wish I could complain more about the rich,
but then all their children would flee the schools,
come to every show drunk & unwashed!

How true. The newly-redesigned (also yawn) Pitchfork reported last week that LCD Soundsystem, which streets on February 15 in North America after releasing on January 24 everywhere else, will be a 2CD set featuring a bonus disc compiling songs from previous LCD singles. Here's a tracklist:

01 Losing My Edge
02 Beat Connection
03 Give It Up
04 Tired
05 Yeah (Crass Version)
06 Yeah (Pretentious Version)
07 Yr City's A Sucker

I really like "Yr City's A Sucker", the b-side on the UK "Movement" single.

Free Williamsburg has an e-mail interview w/LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy by Rajeev Muttreja & Jason Bell, cross-posted on One Louder.
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Anonymous Anonymous @ 1/18/2005 04:52:00 PM:

I got my copy in the mail yesterday, and it doesn't include yr city's a sucker.

The bonus disc is also copy protected, and can only be played by an included player.

the rest of the album plays regularly, through itunes or whatever.

--robot mark    

Blogger mr gilbert @ 1/18/2005 06:10:00 PM:

thanks for the heads up.

weird. i wonder if you got an early version or something, or if pitchfork's info is just wrong. fwiw, "yr city's a sucker" is listed on the bonus disc here.

too bad about the copy protection nonsense. i've already got the mp3's, and i even have an old iBook that seems to rip just about anything, but that's just annoying. and why copy protect only the singles disc? strange.

i'm not sure what "included player" means, btw.    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 1/18/2005 08:03:00 PM:

oh -- on a computer, the bonus disc only plays on a special music player that's included on the disc. you have to install it in order to play it. And it only has six tracks.

I have the official version from capitol/emi. It came in the mail yesterday from their new media dept. According to the new media contact the version I have is the only version they plan on producing.

--robot mark    

Blogger mr gilbert @ 1/18/2005 08:53:00 PM:

thanks for the update, mark.

i don't know what to say about it right now. the track is listed on amazon UK, and of course most of us north americans won't be getting our hands on a physical copy for another month. if "yr city's a sucker" is really left off the second disc, that's too bad (more sales for the "movement" single).

also, kudos to EMI for making the bonus disc so difficult to listen to. ugh. then again, they're sending promo copies to music (for robots), and certainly that's a positive thing. you take the good, you take the bad...    

Blogger mr gilbert @ 1/21/2005 07:58:00 PM:

update: "yr city's a sucker" is listed on the newly relaunched lcd soundsystem website.    

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